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Congressional Issues 2010
International Criminal Court

The 112th Congress should:

  • resist all attempts to put the United States under the jurisdiction of an International Criminal Court.

  • The new international criminal court: rush to justice?
    Source: National Legal Center for Public Interest
    The creation of an international criminal court has American facing a dilemma: should it join its allies in this new venture or should it protect its own sovereignty and decline to take part? (7/2002)
  • Bush vs. UN's International Criminal Court
    Source: American Policy Center
    President Bush did the right thing when he announced that the United States would not be a party to the United Nations' International Criminal Court (ICC). .... However, no sooner had the Bush Administration announced its intention to ignore the ICC than the waffling began." (08/05/02)
  • 2009: UN's International Criminal Court indicts Bush
    Source: American Policy Center
    "A stunned former President George W. Bush sat in the docket of the United Nation's International Criminal Court listening to the charges brought against him. The year is 2009 and, among the charges, is genocide against the Iraqi people, when the US invaded Iraq to replace its leadership in 2002." (04/22/02)
  • Petition opposing the International Criminal Court
    Source: The Liberty Committee
    Will the International Criminal Court enable prosecution of human rights violations, or simply compromise the sovereignty of the United States and the safety of American citizens? The Liberty Committee thinks the latter, and is sponsoring this petition that urges the Bush administration to rescind American support.
  • U.S. hits back at EU on criminal court
    The transatlantic row over the newly established UN International Criminal Court (ICC) has reached a new height, when a senior State Department official accused the European Union of exerting undue pressure on EU candidate countries to prevent them from signing agreements not to extradite Americans to the court. (08/14/02)
  • President Bush: remove U.S. signature from UN Court treaty!
    Source: JPFO/CCOPS
    In conjunction with the American Policy Center's "Sledgehammer Alert" on the subject, Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States (CCOPS) is urging everyone to urge President Bush to "rescind the United States' signature from the International Criminal Court treaty, and do so before April 11th!" (04/05/02)
  • The Statist Ethos by Scott Trask (
    "In Kaplan's words, 'American patriotism -- honoring the flag, July Fourth celebrations, and so on -- must survive long enough to provide the military armature for an emerging global civilization that may eventually make such patriotism obsolete.' Kaplan has in mind such institutions as the International Criminal Court at the Hague, which he describes as the entering wedge for world government: 'The court (along with other supranational authorities) is only the start of a process to create an international Leviathan.'"

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