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Congressional Issues 2010
Problems with the New NATO

The 112th Congress should at least:
  • refuse to appropriate funds for any "out-of-area" NATO military missions;
  • pass a joint resolution opposing any further expansion of the alliance beyond the admission of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic approved by the Senate in 1998;
  • pass a joint resolution endorsing the new European Security and Defense Policy;
  • pass legislation requiring the withdrawal of all U.S. forces stationed in Europe by 2005; and
  • conduct a comprehensive debate about whether continued U.S. membership in NATO serves American interests—especially in light of the alliance’s change of focus from territorial defense to murky peacekeeping and humanitarian intervention missions.

Dump NATO Now | David Stockman's Contra Corner | 2016.03.23
• The state of Russia and Ukraine
• How the U.S. prolonged WWI for 77 years
• Why NATO is a pawn of the most evil and dangerous government on the planet.
• NATO is an unnecessary cash-cow for the Pentagon and the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

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