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Liberty Under God
The Articles of Confederation

Congress should
  • Repeal the Constitution
  • Return to the Articles of Confederation
  • As a start

The U.S. Constitution was a malignant tumor inserted into the American Body Politic. It has now grown so large that it has crippled American immunity to socialism and threatens to kill the host.

If we were to get "back to the Constitution," and reduce the size of the cancer to its size in 1789, should we stop there, or should we remove the cancer entirely?*

If America's radical Founding Fathers were here today, they would take steps to abolish tyranny, just as they did in 1776. Only the tyranny they would seek to abolish is the very government their Constitution allegedly created. Today's government is not in any meaningful sense following the Constitution. It is a tyranny. America's Founding Fathers would seek to abolish it more quickly and more passionately than they sought to abolish the British government, a government far more libertarian and Christian than Washington D.C. is today -- but still a "tyranny" in the eyes of America's Founders.

Now consider this radical question:

¿Who is more radical:

  • A person who wants to "restore the Constitution" or
  • A person who wants to abolish the Constitution altogether.


  • Imagine today is March 5, 1789. Yesterday the new government under the Constitution went into effect. As an anarchist, Kevin Craig would call for the complete abolition of this new government. Wow! Is that "radical" or what? That would entail the firing of dozens of people, and cutting several thousand dollars in government spending. ( Patrick Henry and George Mason -- great Americans who refused to sign the Constitution -- would enthusiastically approve of such a "radical" idea! )
  • When our previous Congressman was first elected to Congress in 1996, his party platform called for the abolition of the federal Department of Education. It is by far the smallest cabinet level department, but abolishing it would put thousands of government employees out of work and slash nearly $60 Billion in government spending.
  • In 2016, there are people calling for "the restoration of Constitutional government." They do not call for abolishing the Constitution; they support the Constitution and want all unconstitutional government repealed. But imagine the change! "Restoring Constitutional government" today would involve firing tens of millions of people and cutting trillions of dollars!! This would necessitate more education, more conversions, more regenerated hearts, more transformed worldviews, and a whole lot more footwork than convincing every American in 1789 to abolish entirely the recently-created federal government as it then existed.
  • But these pro-constitution people are called "conservatives" and Kevin Craig is considered the "radical" because he's an "anarchist." Kevin Craig is only a tiny bit more radical than anyone who truly wants to "restore the Constitution."
  • Every single person who signed the Constitution would agree that our current Congressman has no intention of restoring the government to its original Constitutional size and function.

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What would we (as thought-leaders) have to persuade American voters to believe in order to get them to vote to shrink government back to the size intended by its Framers (that is, the Framers who wanted small government, not Framers like Alexander Hamilton, who wanted large, centralized government, a monarchy, and a Federal Reserve [central bank])?

Should we attempt to persuade them that Patrick Henry was wrong when he opposed the ratification of the Constitution?

Or should we try to persuade Americans that
using coercion, compulsion, the initiation of force, and threats of violence to extort money from those who produced it
and redistribute it to those who want to spend it
is sinful?
This is the idea of "Liberty Under God," the ideal that made America the most prosperous and admired nation in history, an ideal which has only been imperfectly embodied in our nation's history, and which was undermined by the Constitution ratified in 1789.

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