Centurions Program

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Centurions Program

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  1. Apply today for the 2007 Centurions Program and study Biblical worldview for a year with Chuck Colson!
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  10. No Time to Retire
  11. School for Prophets
  12. Centurion Reading
  13. Centurions Graduate
  14. Centurions on the March!


  1. Presenting the Christian Worldview
  2. Worldview, Worship, and Way of Life
  3. Rewired: The Christian Worldview
  4. Worldview Web Guide
  5. Worldview Weapons
  6. The Importance of Developing a Christian Worldview
  7. Two Men and Two Worldviews pt 1
  8. Two Men and Two Worldviews pt 2
  9. Mere Belief
  10. Worldview and the Church
  11. The North Star of Biblical Worldview
  12. Worldview Church - 57 Articles
  13. BreakPoint WorldView Magazine - 24 Articles
  14. Worldview Analysis 101
  15. A Word for "Worldview Junkies"
  16. What Does it Mean to Bear the Cross in the West?
  17. William Cowper and Creation
  18. Review: The Insider: Bringing the Kingdom of God into your Everyday World
  19. Wide Angle
  20. A Sterile Worldview
  21. Where Worldview Takes Us

  22. Only Fools Will Laugh

  23. The Ground and Grist of Christian Worldview

  24. The Clash of Worldviews

  25. A Basic Worldview Vocabulary
  26. My Rather Idiosyncratic Worldview Reading List


  1. The Spirit of Wilberforce
  2. Who Was William Wilberforce? Finding Real Christianity
  3. William Wilberforce Biography A Hero for Humanity
  4. From Clapham to Capitol Hill pt. 1
  5. From Clapham to Capitol Hill pt. 2
  6. The Age of Wilberforce
  7. Go on in the Name of God
  8. Calling Christian Rebels
  9. Make You Look
  10. The Wilberforce Legacy
  11. Necessary Fanaticism
  12. Gathered Leaves
  13. An Uncomfortable Truth
  14. The Philanthropist
  15. Half-Christians
  16. The Conscience of Society
  17. A Baby's Cry
  18. Confronting Reality
  19. God and Caesar
  20. Pot, Meet Kettle
  21. The First and Only Abolitionists
  22. Mudslinging and Dirty Politics
  23. Suspended License
  24. Confronting Reality
  25. Stopping at Nothing
  26. Through the Back Door
  27. Mankind Is Our Business
  28. Time to Amend