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How YOU can Contribute to
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Simple But Helpful
If you can do nothing else to support this campaign for Liberty Under God, please go to the Kevin Craig for Congress blog and make a comment. Perhaps you know of a web page I should link to. Comments help boost the blog's ranking in the search engines. Also, your feedback is very helpful to shape this campaign. At the bottom of this page is a drop-down menu of all the blog posts. Pick one and post your comment: pro or con, for or against, indifferent, or a question for Kevin Craig.

Now, when you're really serious about contributing to this campaign for Liberty Under God, you can start your own blog here. It's free. All you have to do is post a note to your blog that you just commented on the Kevin Craig for Congress Blog, and link to the page where you left your comment. You'd be surprised how valuable such a contribution can be to this campaign!

I am grateful that I have the freedom to run for public office and publicly proclaim my values, goals and vision for the future. As I state on my main Campaign Finance page, I oppose all restrictions on campaign contributions. A campaign contribution is one way those who can't run for office can still make their voice heard. All Americans should be allowed to contribute as much as they want to any campaign, without government restrictions on their freedom of speech.

But I am not accepting any campaign contributions.*

Here's why:

Campaign dollars buy lots of annoying signs to clutter up the highways, and a little over-priced exposure on TV and radio, which consists only of 4-second sound bites. Campaigns cost millions of dollars because of the price of displaying images and symbols on television. These rapid-fire media blasts have little substance, and have little educational value, but they cost a lot of money. Direct mail pieces get thrown out with other junk mail. None of this accomplishes what I want to accomplish: get Americans to do some serious thinking about the principle that made America great: "Liberty Under God." I want them to be able to find resources to answer socialist objections to the idea of Liberty Under God.

I am therefore conducting a "stealth e-Campaign" which requires no campaign expenditures (except the "KevinCraig.US" domain name).

I'm asking you to email everyone you know and tell them you believe "Liberty Under God " is the principle that made America great, and you're going to send a message to the incumbent that he needs to become a leader and not a follower. If your friends don't have email, write them a personal letter, invest 44Ę, and mail it off through the US Postal Service. Or give them a phone call.

Here are the zipcodes
of voters in Missouri's 7th Congressional District.

Your email costs me nothing. An email from you is respected -- unlike slick but impersonal bulk rate mailings from a well-funded campaign. Your friends will think about the idea of "Liberty Under God " because you asked them to. They know you. They respect you.

Mathematics is Our Friend

If 50 people read this website and send a letter or email to 50 people urging them to support "Liberty Under God," who send it to 50 people who in turn send it to 50 people who send it to 50 people, 312 million people will get this message! There are less than one million people in this congressional district, and less than half of them vote.

Can you send an email to everyone in your address book or Rolodex? You can ask your friends who don't even live in Missouri to take a stand in defense of "Liberty Under God " by writing to people they know who live and vote in Missouri's 7th district. Send them the zipcode list. Many people have the poor choice of Tweedledee and Tweedledum in their own election, and would be glad to be able support a candidate who really stands on principle, even if they can't vote for that candidate.

In the last election, nearly 8 out of 10 voters voted for the incumbent. If only 3 out of 10 voters shift their vote from the "winner" to a principle, the political pundits and analysts will really sit up and take notice. Your letters and votes can send a clear and powerful message of support for the idea of "Liberty Under God."

Do you really want to save America and make the world a better place? Then you need to build an email list and fight in the battle of ideas for liberty, limited government and "True Religion." It is an information war. It is a battle of ideas. Go fight and win this war simply by sending emails, writing letters, or making phone calls to as many people as you are able to reach. Each and every one of you reading this message needs to start collecting email addresses and building select email lists to restore "Liberty Under God."

Simply voting for the incumbent is a grain lost in a secular sand heap of big government. Your letter to a friend means much more. Becoming "the salt of the earth" begins with one grain; becoming "a light unto the world" begins with the first candle; building "a city upon a hill" requires many bricks in the hands of dedicated workers -- not one powerful politician with a big deficit. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

We are in a war of ideas. Ideas rule the world. The ideas of those who won elections and expanded the federal government in the 1960's still rule our lives today. You can change the world of tomorrow. The Internet has given us the ability to share ideas freely in an uncontrolled manner with a mass audience.

Remember, 50 x 50 x 50 x 50 x 50 = 312,500,000

Personal and Face-to-Face

The Internet is a powerful communications tool. This website contains a fairly comprehensive defense of "Liberty Under God " and its application to the issues we face today. But many people are more easily persuaded and inspired by a dialogue or discussion, where their individual questions or doubts can be answered with some give-and-take and back-and-forth.

Many people will decide to support a candidate only after some live, face-to-face human contact where they can get a "feel" for the candidate as a person. They want an interview before they hire.

If you can invite 10 or more of your friends to your home for coffee, I will make every effort possible to be there to explain "Liberty Under God." Every person you invite will appreciate hearing this message. It will be an informative and stimulating get-together. Call me at 417.598.8303 to arrange a "Coffee with the Candidate."

Looking Ahead to 2012

Million-dollar political sound-bite campaigns are an anti-American dinosaur. Our campaign learns from the past and looks to the future:
  • Decentralized, grass-roots Internet campaigns are the wave of the future.
  • Face-to-face encouragement is a lost art from the past.

Let's use the Internet to organize a series of grass-roots meetings to educate victims of federally-controlled schools. Monthly meetings could make a real difference in the elections in 2012.

I get a natural "high" by sharing the ideas of "Liberty Under God " with others and seeing a light go on. I'm sure you know people who would enjoy learning about the principle that made America great, and that it can still work in the modern world. Let's get together!

Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are required to take "Continuing Education" classes to remain up-to-date and fully qualified to practice their profession. We should all be professional Americans. We need classes and seminars in "Continuing American Education."

Another Way to Contribute

This website has over 600 individual webpages. It's not easy keeping them up-to-date (and many are not). Whenever you find a link that leads nowhere, you can help this campaign by sending an email with

Thanks in advance for your support of "Liberty Under God."

* Yes, I know what you're thinking: "not a big sacrifice." At this point, that's true. Perhaps in the future larger events might require substantial funding. But there's plenty to do until then that can be done for little or no cost.

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