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Congressional Issues 2012
Relations with Cuba

Congress should
  • repeal the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad, or Helms-Burton) Act of 1996;
  • repeal the Cuban Democracy (Torricelli) Act of 1992;
  • restore the policy of granting Cuban refugees political asylum in the United States;
  • eliminate or privatize Radio and TV Marti;
  • end all trade sanctions on Cuba and allow U.S. citizens and companies to visit and establish businesses in Cuba as they see fit; and
  • move toward the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Bush and Ashcroft brag about how the feds' new surveillance powers will stop terrorist financiers. But the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control has ten times more agents assigned to track violators of the U.S. embargo on Cuba as it has tracking Osama Bin Laden's money.
—James Bovard, "Bush's Top Ten Farces"

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