Digital Cash, Privacy, and Government Surveillance
Articles by J. Orlin Grabbe 1947-2008
Writer, Economist, International Finance Expert, Investigative Journalist,
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Independent Thinker and Sovereign Individual

My professional background is in international finance, and my textbook International Financial Markets, 3rd Edition is still the leading text in international finance at an MBA level. Copies are found in central banks around the world, and it is widely used in bank training programs and at leading universities--including the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where I taught, and Harvard, where I got my Ph.D. in economics. When the first edition appeared in 1986, it was revolutionary for its attention to markets and for its careful analysis of derivative products.

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Digital Finance, index to articles, by J. Orlin Grabbe

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A Guide to Homepage Digital Cash Articles Read this first for background.
Digital Cash and the Future of Money Appeared as "Introduction to Digital Cash" in Liberty (July 1998) and in the SIRS Renaissance data base (1999).
Concepts in Digital Cash Basic concepts necessary to get started.
Digital Cash and the Regulators We gonna regulate, just as soon as we figure out what it is.
The Mathematical Ideas Behind Digital Cash Speech to Libertarian Party of Colorado.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 1 Secure credit card systems. iKP, SET, EMV, CyberCash, First Virtual, FBOI, BankNet,
Open Financial Exchange.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 2 Adventures in Prague. Debt-Credit systems. NetCheque, Netbill, and CyberCoin.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 3 Digital cash systems. NetCash, Mondex, & Digicash ecash.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
Stefan Brands' System of Digital Cash A digital cash system with real privacy. Consistency between the on-line & off-line systems.
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
Smart Cards and Private Currencies The technology of Hayek's dream.

The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1 How Big Brother took over the financial system.
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2 Your banker is a snitch. Money laundering law & digital cash.
The World Financial Police Attack Anonymity We want to know where your money is and what you are doing with it.
Another Whack Against GAK The government's grip on cryptology slips.
Plot to Spy on Banks Outlined in White House Email Memo from 1986 details NSC/DOJ plot to spy on banks.
Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption Comments from architect of the PROMIS backdoor.
Microsoft's "NSA Backdoor" An NSA backdoor? Probably not, but Microsoft "security" is clearly a myth.
How Secure is America's Nuclear Arsenal? Public key cryptography and nuclear weapons.
NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran War How the NSA bugged international cryptography software.
Clipper Chip Banking Sandia National Laboratories create non-anonymous "anonymity."
Letter from Bill Payne Regarding Cryptography at Sandia
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
The DES Algorithm Illustrated A tutorial.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
The Wassenaar Invasion of Privacy Global agreement on cryptography restriction.
Intelink The network linking US spook agencies.
The Digital Monetary Trust, Part 1 Anonymous banking based on cryptography, not bankers & lawyers.
The Digital Monetary Trust, Part 2 The mathematical details of the anonymous banking system.
Louis Freeh Spies on Bill Clinton How to exploit the hole in PGP.
The Function of the Drug War Economics dictates that failure will always be the criterion of success.
The DSA Flaw in Open PGP This article explains the flaw and also gives you a Java cryptanalysis program so you can exploit the flaw yourself.








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