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Liberty Under God
Downsize D.C.

Congress should

The Write the Laws Act's "Write the Laws Act" (WTLA)'s "Write the Laws Act" (WTLA) Don't let Congress delegate its law-making powers to the Executive Branch bureaucracy.

The One Subject at a Time Act's "One Subject at a Time Act" (OSTA) Stop Congress from combining unrelated bills. Attaching unnecessary and unconstitutional pork to a necessary and constitutional bill, forcing legislators to vote yes on the pork in order to vote yes on the real goal.'s "One Subject at a Time Act" (OSTA)

The Read the Bills Act's "Read the Bills Act" (RTBA)

Make Congress Read Their Bills Before Voting
Make Congress read every word of every bill they create before they vote on it.
Urge your Representative and your Senators to sponsor's “Read the Bills Act” (RTBA).

The Enumerated Powers Act

The "Enumerated Powers Act" (EPA) Make Congress cite the Constitutional authority for each law it passes.

The "Enumerated Powers Act" (EPA)

The Fiscal Responsibility Act

Fight Deficit Spending

Fight Deficit Spending
Cut Congress's pay if they run a deficit.

If passed into law it would trigger a cut in Congressional pay for each year in which the federal government runs a deficit.

The Free Competition in Currency Act

Free Competition in Currency Act Stop inflation, bubbles, and recessions by permitting free market money to compete with Federal Reserve Notes. Free Competition in Currency Act

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