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Congressional Issues 2010
Earmark" Reform

Congress should
  • make the appropriations process more transparent
  • stop bickering over the way less than two percent of the budget is allocated and start focusing on scrapping whole departments, gutting the military industrial complex, and privatizing entitlements.

Kevin Craig is relentlessly and passionately committed to reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope or power of government at any level or for any purpose. He will vote no on any spending bill that does not decrease absolute spending (not just a decrease in the rate of increase).

In Defense of Ron Paulís Earmarks by Eric Phillips

  • cutting the number of earmarks does not cut spending. An earmark is a congressional provision that directs federal agencies to spend funds already authorized on specific projects
  • cutting earmarks does not cut spending
  • there is no ethical reason why a Congressman should not forward the requests of his constituents that millions of dollars of funds that the federal government has already taken from them and designated for spending be returned to their district.
  • most opposition to earmarks is a futile effort to make government more efficient. Socialism is never and can never be as efficient as the Free Market. The spending programs should be abolished entirely.

Federal spending on a drug-addiction rehab center is unconstitutional. Federal spending on an oven to gas Jews is also unconstitutional. Kevin Craig would vote NO on the appropriations bill, but would earmark the funds for the drug-rehab center rather than the Nazi ovens, if his NO vote is on the losing side.

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