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Beware the Child Protectors - August 30, 1999
William Norman Grigg — The architects of the Nanny State hope to establish a compulsory and universal home visitation system as an incremental means of nationalizing children as "state property."

Cal State’s Pedophile Confab- August 30, 1999
William F. Jasper — Even liberal legislators were shocked to learn about the platform a state school provided for the purveyors of porn and perversion.

They Want Your Children - June 8, 1998
Young people are being encouraged to adopt the "gay" lifestyle, even as they are warned against the evils of smoking

PAT's Parental Interference - March 3, 1997
Under the guise of helping parents do their job, Parents As Teachers is conducting its own covert child-abuse "prevention" campaign

Does the State Own Your Child? - July 8, 1996
Hillary Clinton's idea that the state has an active interest in your children has taken root among child "protection" agents nationwide

Sidebar: Beware the Federal Cure

Hillary's Global Village - March 4, 1996
In Hillary Clinton's "village" children would become the common property of society

A Higher Warfare - April 17, 1995
William Norman Grigg's Freedom on the Altar shows how the UN is waging an insidious war against God and family

Are You Fit to be a Parent? - January 23, 1995
Jack Westman's proposal for parental licensing has prompted a liberal chorus of concurrence

Whose Child Is This? - November 28, 1994
Licensing of parents in America is more than just a hare-brained proposal from ivory-tower elites

In Loco Parentis - August 8, 1994
The welfare state's steady advance has undermined generational ties crucial to a stable society

Supplanting Mom and Dad - August 8, 1994
Your benevolent government keeps adding "helpful" programs to get their hands on your children

UN Takeover of the Child - August 8, 1994
Our government is working hand-in-hand with the United Nations to hand control of our children to that godless organization

Janet Reno and the Nanny State - July 26, 1993
Attorney General Janet Reno is inviting police officers at all levels to become instruments of the "nanny state"

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