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Congressional Issues 2010

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Please circle answers: KEY: Strongly agree (SA); Agree (A); Uncertain (U); Disagree strongly (DS); Disagree (D)


Property Rights

1)      Do you believe the local/state/federal government should be able to take private property through eminent domain for the use of another private party if it means increased government revenue?

2)      Do you believe government is the best regulator of how you maintain your house/business/farm?

3)      Do you believe that un-elected, appointed citizens should be given the power to mandate non-health and non-safety zoning ordinances with criminal penalties if disobeyed?


Economic Issues

4)      Do you believe that courts should be able to raise taxes?

5)      Do you believe that taxes reduce economic incentives?

6)      Do you believe that government liabilities for future government/teacher pensions need to be limited?



7)      Do you believe that U.S. law should accommodate cultures within the U.S. that embrace "honor killings?

8)      Do you believe illegal immigrants should be provided with local/state/federal benefits such as medical care and education?



9)  Do you believe that abortion on demand is the taking of life?

10) Do you believe that parent's rights trump government concerns, except in clearly dangerous-to-life and health situations for the children?

11)  Do you believe schools should be primarily for socialization and agents of change to remake our society?  

12)  Do you believe that students at all levels have the right to disagree with teachings and mandates by instructors that run contrary to their conscience?

13)  Do you believe that schools should only teach sex education within the context of abstinence-only?

14)  Do you believe that education is a local issue rather than a federal issue?  


Second Amendment

15) Do you believe that the right to own and carry guns is an

individual right?


Where do you usually go to get further information on public policy?

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

What is your favorite book and why?

Why do you want to run for public office? (25 words or less)

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