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Congressional Issues 2010

The 112th Congress should:

  • not do anything to promote gambling, such as a lottery
  • not spend tax dollars studying the already-documented effects of gambling
  • not do anything to attempt to eliminate gambling by coercion or threats of violence

When Bush promoted the Marriage Amendment, it was a "hollow gesture" which Bush in no way intended to promote and work through Congress, using intense pressure from congressional leaders, as he did with CAFTA and his prescription drug bill. David Kuo has confirmed the disdaining attitude of the White House toward the "Religious Right."

So why the interest among republican leaders in prohibiting Internet Gambling? Polls seem to indicate that this is not an issue that will win elections, with well over a majority of people taking a libertarian view.

One theory that has not been widely advanced is the speculation that online gambling sites, especially off-shore sites, are developing sophisticated digital cash systems which could replace the currency issued by the Federal Reserve System, a private consortium of banks that currently has a profitable monopoly over the nation's currency and national debt (and handsome interest payments). For an overview of the Federal Reserve System and its powerful and tyrannical reach over American citizens, see Aaron Russo's film "Freedom to Fascism."  [Order DVD]  Preservation of this currency monopoly is vastly higher on the Bush Administration's agenda than opposing gambling.

Kevin Craig opposes gambling, but also opposes federal tyranny.

Gambling is a blight on our society. It deliberately targets the poorest and most ignorant elements of our society, and subjects them to more intense poverty over a longer period of time. It destroys families.

Government force will not transform ignorant and covetous people into people who are contented, responsible and successful. That's a job for churches, non-profit organizations, 12-step groups, and voluntary associations.

Having taken notice of the bad social effects of gambling, the social effects of prohibition are worse.

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