Energy Non-Crisis Chapter 16

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19. "The Energy Non-Crisis" (ISBN 0-89051-068-7), published in 1980 by Worth Publishing Co., P.O. Box, 1243,Wheatridge, CO 80033, is written by Chaplain Lindsey Williams (This is only one of the books he has written). Chaplain Williams was on the Alaska Pipeline during the construction and got so fed-up with the deliberate lies of the media, he came back to tour the "lower 48", and tell the truth. According to Chaplain Williams, Gull Island has a pool of oil as big as, and maybe bigger, than Prudhoe Bay. Our Government ordered ARCO (Page 178) " seal the documents, withdraw the rig, cap the well, and not release the information about the Gull Island find." A video tape of a speech that Chaplain Williams gave to a group at Salt Lake City, about 1980, is possibly available from: The National Center For Constitutional Studies, 1-800-388-4512. Chaplain Williams stated, in a recent two-hour broadcast, there is enough oil in Alaska to last the U.S.A. 200-years. The broadcast is on the Republic Broadcasting Network site Additional book information is here. You can read parts of his book on this site His books and tapes may be ordered here: One videotape "The Energy Non-Crisis" is worth the approximate $136.00 cost of the complete set. If you want documented proof that "our" government has lied to us about oil availability, see the Williams material.

A This is the audio , approximately 51-minutes, from the Williams Videotape The Energy Non Crisis". I suggest you listen carefully to what Chaplain Williams says, then ask your members of congress why the United States is importing oil.

B. Need more documentation that we have been scammed for decades concerning oil availability? See this recent 11-page email and this 1-page email.

C. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is teaching children that oil and natural gas are the result of decaying plants and animals. A recent NASA discovery is that natural gas was being created on one of Saturn's barren moons Titian. Is it possible that we have been deceived concerning oil and natural gas formation?

D. On Washington post radio, 107.7, 4/30/06 there was a reporter for U.S. News and World Report talking (another viewpoint) about the 2-trillion barrel oil finding In the USA. I called and made a statement about the 200-year supply of oil announced by the governor of Alaska last year (See 19 above). The reporter tried to discredit the governor's statement by referring to oil consumption before the Alaska pipeline was built. When attempting to explain the governor's comment was made last year, I was cut-off. Is it possible this station is deliberately concealing information? The Department of Energy website states "…has been known for a century." (The 2-trillon barrel oil). If this is true, why during the first Gulf War, were all the lives and money wasted defending "our oil" in the Mid-East?


The content of this manuscript is only as valuable and useful to the reader as the credibility of the authors.
The honesty, integrity, and therefore the credibility, of the authors of this book is unquestionable to the limit of their combined facts and knowledge.

I can personally attest to many of the facts, and certainly many of the conversations quoted in the book, as I spent a week with Chaplain Lindsey on the North Slope of Alaska during the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. I was privileged to talk with high officials of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. For reasons unknown to me, I was given access to private information that apparently very few outsiders were ever given. I moved among the men at work and in the barracks. My week on the North Slope was a liberal education.
The motivation for this book is to bring facts to the American people as the authors know them. They do not have a political ax to grind nor any personal advantage by bringing forth these facts. Our President has stated that our energy problem is the equivalent of war. Yet he has embraced policies that have continually discouraged and hampered the development of our oil industry.
Nearly ten years ago President Nixon warned of a pending energy shortage unless our domestic production be drastically increased, but Congress insisted on restrictive price controls.

Congress has been urged—and sometimes threatened—by special interest groups to take a negative stance on energy production, but they have miserably failed to take proper action to increase our domestic production. In fact, as you read this book you must come to the realization that energy production has been fiercely stifled by "Government Bureaucracy, " and Congress has sat on its collective hands.
You, the reader, will be left to make your own conclusions as to why this set of facts and circumstances conflict many times with what we have been told by the news media—which is fed its information by Government Agencies and Departments.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I endorse this manuscript and compliment the authors for taking time to do the research and make it available to all of us.

March 19, 1980  
Hugh M. Chance
Former Senator of
The State of Colorado


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The Energy Non-Crisis is available for sale here