Kevin Craig

Vine & Fig Tree
Home Page. Founded in 1979, based on the vision of the Old Testament Prophet Micah.
The Christmas Conspiracy!
A non-violent conspiracy to overthrow the United States government.
Liberty Under God
Craig for Congress
Giving voters a chance to vote for "Liberty Under God." Home Page.
C.A.U.S.E - Christians Against the U.S. Empire
Home Page
California Desert Chorale
Does not endorse anything Kevin Craig believes, says or does, except the singing of the right note at the right time with the right feeling. Home Page.
Vote-Wasters are Cool!
Conservatives for Hillary Clinton.
Americans Against the American Revolution
95 Theses Against the State
Martin Luther lit the fuse of the Protestant Reformation when he nailed his 95 Theses on the church door. "95 Theses Against the State" has now been nailed on the Internet Door, and these theses are far more revolutionary. Home Page.
Neither a monarchy, an aristocracy, a democracy, nor a republic are legitimate forms of government, according to the Bible. The Biblical form of government is Anarcho-Theocracy. Home Page.
Why I am Not a Lawyer
And why Christians can no longer become American citizens.
The Death Penalty Debate
 Why Christians should work to abolish Capital Punishment. Home Page.
A Theonomic Defense of Pacifism
TOTAL Predestination!
 Proof that the movement of every molecule in the universe -- including those in your brain -- was predestined before the universe was created. Home Page.
Directory of Vine & Fig Tree Webpages
The Bible is Our Starting Point
Victory / God's Presence / The First Archetype
Universality / Postmillennialism / The Second Archetype
Law / Theonomy / The Third Archetype
Peace / The Fourth Archetype
The Family / The Fifth Archetype
Garden / Property / The Sixth Archetype
Community / The Seventh Archetype
Vine & Fig Tree: A World Without Princes
Vine & Fig Tree: A World Without Priests

The Myth of "The Separation of Church and State"
The State must be under God, not separate from God. Directory.

My Credo
What I believe, beginning with the Westminster Confession of Faith (1648).


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