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The "Insiders"

Many people who work in the federal government perform their jobs conscientiously. They may be church-going Christians. They may sincerely want to help the poor, or solve some other important problem. But the efforts of these people are wasted. The direction of the federal government is dictated by "insiders." Example: you may be diligent in performing your job of helping the government trains run on time, but the trains are taking the Jews to the Concentration Camps.

Who decided to send the trains to the camps? Who decides the general direction of the government?

A good place to start your education is a short book by John F. McManus called The Insiders.

Here are some reviews on of this short book that introduces these "insiders."

The entire text of an older edition (covers Carter through Clinton, but not George Dubya) is free online.

Another word for "the Insiders" is "The Establishment." That page has more information.