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Congressional Issues 2010

The 112th Congress should
  • disarm Iran
  • disarm the United States
  • reject White House demands for a preemptive war against Iran.
  • end current isolationist policies toward Iran
  • open the doors to full, robust, uninhibited free trade with Iran.

The United States overthrew the government of Iran in 1953. Mohammed Mossadeq was elected Prime Minister in May of 1951. Although he was educated in the West (Mossadeq received his PhD in Law from the University of Neuch‚tel in Switzerland), he was friendly with the Soviet Union and advocated "nationalizing" western oil investments in Iran.

In his place, the U.S. placed a new Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who by no means adhered to the principles of America's Declaration of Independence and Constitution. In a speech delivered in March 2000 by Madeleine Albright (then Secretary of State ), the U.S. government finally acknowledged what it had done to the Iranian people and to democracy in Iraq:

In 1953, the United States played a significant role in orchestrating the overthrow of Iranís popular prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. The Eisenhower administration believed its actions were justified for strategic reasons, but the coup was clearly a setback for Iranís political development and it is easy to see now why many Iranians continue to resent this intervention by America in their internal affairs. Moreover, during the next quarter century, the United States and the West gave sustained backing to the Shahís regime. Although it did much to develop the country economically, the Shahís government also brutally repressed political dissent. As President Clinton has said, the United States must bear its fair share of responsibility for the problems that have arisen in U.S.-Iranian relations.

This is behind the taking of U.S. diplomats as hostages during the Carter Administration. It is behind the growing alliance between Iran and Iraq.

An Anti-Democracy Foreign Policy: Iran

The Threat from Iran:

The Threat from the United States:

The Mythical Threat from Iran
Grass-roots resistance against Iranian Fascism:

America's Faith

America was founded on the Christian Faith. Today it is wavering between Christianity and the religion of Secular Humanism. Our founding charter, the Declaration of Independence, says that if we observe "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" (which prohibits the annihilation of innocent men, women, and children) we can have "a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence."

Iran is teetering between western modernism and Islamic Jihadism. I know of no western expert or think-tank that's able to predict with 100% accuracy which way the Iranian teeter will totter on any given day.

Rational political prognostication is not America's savior, especially when it's used to decide on the day and time of a nuclear strike geared to "totally obliterate" Iran, a phrase from Hillary Clinton that constitutes "an assertion of the right of our nation to commit genocide on an unprecedented scale" (Robert Scheer). We were not endowed with such a right by our Creator. America should fear "the Supreme Judge of the World" more than the mullahs in Iran.

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