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Unions: Government-Buttressed Violence

The 113th Congress should:

  • abolish all laws which permit unions to engage in violence or the initiation of force.
  • end the use of government compulsion, coercion, or threats of violence, used to impose or enforce "pro-union" legislation

The First Amendment guarantees the right of association. People have the right to pool their knowledge and their influence. Those of us who choose to form or join any association do not have the right to initiate force against others to compel or coerce their membership in or association with us or our union.

Decisions by employees to form unions or join unions should be conducted by secret ballot.

The only thing worse than unions which have their demands imposed by force upon employers, is government unions which impose their will on taxpayers.

Update: Feb.2011 - Wisconsin:

Government tax-feeders paid higher than private sector counterparts:

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