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The Biblical Definition of "Salvation"

The name "Jesus" comes from the Hebrew word Yhowshuwa', which is derived from yasha', which is the Hebrew word most frequently translated "salvation."

Yasha and its derivatives are used 353 times. The root meaning . . . is “make wide” or make sufficient: this root is in contrast to sarar, “narrow,” which means “be restricted” or “cause distress.” To move from distress to safety requires deliverance. [T]he majority of references to salvation speak of Yahweh granting deliverance from real enemies and out of real catastrophes. That which is wide connotes freedom from distress and the ability to pursue one’s own objectives. Thus salvation is not merely a momentary victory on the battlefield; it is also the safety and security necessary to maintain life unafraid of numerous dangers.
John E. Hartley, “yasha,” Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. Vol. 1, pp. 414-15

The phrase "safety and security necessary to maintain life" is also the "safety and security necessary to maintain society." In order to go to WalMart and buy a shopping cart full of food and household accessories, there has to be a global network of businesses who create and, transport billions of products. Millions of human beings have to get to work on time, run the trucks on time, choose to work instead of stealing and robbing, and work the graveyard shift so that when you get to the store, all the items you want are neatly arranged on the shelf in a order which makes it possible for you to quickly find what you need and get on with life.

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