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In a Nutshell

1. Christians are commanded to submit to evil in the Lord.

Submission to evil doers . . .
Matthew 5 (“Resist not evil” “Turn the other cheek”)
Romans 12-13 (“Do not avenge yourselves – Vengeance is Mine”)
I Peter 2 (“Submit to every human statute – follow His steps”)
. . . is Submission to God:
submission to evil doers is God's command.
But “Submission” is “in the Lord”: Disobedience is commanded:

• when something commanded by God is forbidden by the State
• when something forbidden by God is commanded by the State

Acts 5:29

Scriptural commands to citizens to “submit” to the evil deeds of the State

do not excuse the evil doer:  

The wicked slavemaster is still wicked (1 Peter 2:18)

do not justify his evil acts:  

Confiscation by the State is always evil (1 Samuel 8:15)

God's command to the State is always the same:
“Repent!” (Mark 10:42-45)

2. Forcible deprivation of life, liberty, or property of others is always sinful.

Category Euphemism   Truth No Exception
Life • “Just War
• “Capital Punishment
= Murder – Even if ordered by the President
Liberty • “The Draft
• “Incarceration
= Kidnapping – Even if approved by the Congress
Property • “Taxation
• “Eminent Domain
= Theft – Even if upheld by the Courts
  • The Patriarch Abraham did not form a “State.” He took personal responsibility for social needs, but did not “tax” others, debase currency, or “monetize debt” to do so.

  • Whose idea was the State? Cain (Gen. 4:17); Lamech (Gen. 4:23-24); Nimrod (Gen. 10:8-12).

  • Which nations epitomize the State? Babel (Gen. 11:1-9); Egypt (Exod. 1:8); Israel (1 Samuel 8 – “like all the nations”); Greece, Rome (Dan. 2:44); The Third Reich; U.S.S.R.; U.S.A.

Q: Why would Christians seek to imitate these pagan models?
A: To be “accredited.”

book_icon.gif (93 bytes) God never commanded men to abandon Patriarchy and form a State

3. Socialism is always wrong.
The State is always socialist – by definition.
Forming a State is always wrong.

There is no field of human action where The State (institutionalized violence) is necessary.

  • Socialized milk (“The children will starve unless the State seizes all dairies from greedy capitalists!”)
  • Socialized justice (Fact: most disputes are settled by Free Market arbitration outside of the State's Courts.)
  • Socialized vengeance (Not everyone believes in the necessity of bloodshed. Why should Jones be forced to pay for Smith's vengeance? [War, Capital Punishment] Should you be forced to pay for my “home security” system?)


Forcible deprivation of life its cornerstone (“the sword”)
Forcible deprivation of property its life-blood (“tribute”)
Forcible deprivation of liberty its consolation (“police power”)

All political systems are institutionalized evil

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