Missouri's 7th District, U.S. House of Representatives




Congressional Issues 2010
The Internal Revenue Service

Congress should:
  • abolish the IRS
  • abolish the personal income tax
  • abolish the corporate income tax

  • Taxation is a euphemism for theft
  • The IRS violates the constitution on a massive scale
  • If we abolished the income tax entirely, and cut government programs by the amount of money brought in by the income tax, we would have to cut the federal government back to the size it was during the Clinton Administration.
  • The Republican Party Lies About the IRS
  • The IRS will never be abolished, and there will never be any substantial changes in the system, until Americans come to a consensus that it is always immoral to take money or property from another human being without persuading that person to give it to you voluntarily. All taxation is immoral. It is robbery. It is evil.
    But, of course, it is politically correct.

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