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Government Punishment of Crime

Government attempts to change behavior by threatening the confiscation of property. This confiscation is called a "fine." It is clearly the denial of the fundamental right of property.

Example: The government says you must do something, or refrain from doing something. If you do not comply, the government may seize your assets or order you to pay a sum of money. If you fail to pay, you will go to jail.

This is a form of theft.

If I steal your car, what is "justice?"
  • Making you pay $25,000 a year to warehouse me in a federal prison?
  • Putting me to death?
  • Levying a large fine on me, which the government collects and adds to its general revenues?
No, justice means restitution. It means I restore you to the way you were before my crime. You have your car back, same make, model, and year, in the same condition. You are compensated for the bus fare you needed to get to work without your car. I undo all the damage. I make you whole.

Prisons provide no justice. They are schools for criminals.

Real Justice not only makes the victim whole, it brings dignity back to the offender.

Before fines are assessed, the government often engages in an intentionally intimidating and threatening process of harassment called "an audit." See taxation.

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