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Congressional Issues 2010
On the Internet

The 112th Congress should:

  • avoid the temptation to play nanny with Americans' internet content
  • avoid the temptation to steal through internet taxation

The Internet must be used in a context of self-government, not federal government.

The Internet is one of the most remarkable opportunities for education and social advancement in all of human history. The ability to exchange and acquire information is unparalleled. The possibilities for commerce and world trade are as yet untapped.

But with the power comes the potential for abuse. Degrading, spiritually-traumatizing pornography is abundant on the Internet. Instead of seeing the opportunities for bettering mankind, politicians see an opportunity to levy more taxes and increase their power. A window into the world around us, the Internet is also an unlocked door ready to be opened by those who would pry into our private lives.

The answer, as always, is "Liberty Under God."

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