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Congressional Issues 2010
Government "Investments"

Congress should:
  • stop "investing" taxpayer money in any "investment"
  • let "Wall Street" invest with their own money

It is all-too-common for politicians, especially Barack Obama, to speak of government projects as "investments":

Obama's Investment Advice

This became common during the Clinton Administration.

Congress should attach the following to each spending bill:

By voting for this legislation I hereby affirm my belief that the information and knowledge possessed by me and 434 other Congressman-"investors" is greater than the collective knowledge and information possessed by a Free Market of 150 million individual investors, pension fund managers, insurance company executives, mutual fund administrators, and brokers, all of whom do not have the luxury of obtaining investment funds by passing a law, but must earn their investment dollars.

Does your "investment broker" have an obsessive-compulsive disorder?

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