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The Libertarian Dime
Is America a Christian Nation?
December 17 and 23, 2008

Part 2 (Dec 23) is here.

After my previous appearance on The Libertarian Dime - August 28, 2008 (or maybe it was after this show), Shane invited me to submit an idea for another podcast. I suggested "The Myth of the Separation of Church and State." Here is the letter I wrote to Shane regarding this podcast:

Subject:   Re: Is America a Christian Nation?
Date:   Thu, December 4, 2008 12:18 pm
Here are some more talking points for the 12/17 show.

I would argue that every single person who signed the Constitution would agree with these points:

Again, I would argue that every single person who signed the Constitution would agree with these points. Links to details are here:

     Another point I would make would be to distinguish the views of the Founding Fathers in the late 1700's vs. the views they would have if they were to travel through time to the early 21st century.
     In 1789 everyone believed that God commands human beings to form a civil government. As a Christian I believe this is a mistaken interpretation of the Bible. I would like to think that if the Founders could see what happened to the government they created, as well as see the results of "the separation of church and state" in America and in the Soviet Union, the Founders would all become anarcho-theocrats like me :-)

Start here: The Separation of Church and State

During the webcast, I will try to place links to relevant documents here:

Part 2, December 23, 2008

This show was supposed to be about "The War on Christmas," but it ranged a bit further. My entrance is around 18:00 into the show.

The War against Christmas = The War for Statism
No, Christ isn't allowed in Christmas
Q: How did this public school teacher come to believe that she must censor religious speech?
A: The federal courts have been propagandizing an atheistic view of liberty.
Other examples of ignorance of the Constitution:
The Issue is Authority
"Christ" = "King"
Herod killed all the babies in Bethlehem because he feared a rival king.
The Federal Government is at war against all references to the Christmas King.
The Federal Government fears allegiance to a rival authority.
Let's Keep Christmas Commercialized
Religion Must Not be a Private Matter. (This applies below under homosexual marriage; sex and marriage are public, not private matters.)
Kwaanza: A Mythical Holiday
Ann Coulter : Kwanzaa: Holiday From The FBI
Should Government Schools Promote Christmas?
Founding Fathers said yes:
Does our Liberty and a Free Republic Depend on Christian Morality?
Founding Fathers said yes:
      Justice Douglas admits: purpose of public schools = promote Christian religion and morality.
      Religion, not the State, creates liberty
25:00 Can't We Change Our Nation from a Christian one to an Atheistic one?
Who is "we?"
How is this done?
Imposed on an unwilling Christian nation by 5 members of the Supreme Court?
26:00 Shane: America can never officially be a Christian nation
Supreme Court in 1892 said it was
The nature of "our nation" was not a single "United States," but a confederation of Christian states, whose religious preferences were not determined by the federal government. America was a Christian nation because the states were, not because the federal government said so.
28:00 No Founding Father believed in the modern doctrine of "separation of church and state"
The modern view is that the Federal government has the authority to remove the 10 Commandments from local public schools, or to mandate that local schools not permit voluntary prayer. No Founder believed in this.
Madison's view on Chaplains is not inconsistent with the decision in Holy Trinity that America is a Christian nation.
Christianity is not "monolithic," but it is monolithically opposed to a secular government that removes the 10 Commandments from schools
31:00 Homosexual "Marriage"
Prop 22 was overturned by the California Supreme Court, not the U.S. Supreme Court.
All legislation is the imposition of morality and the limitation of freedom.
[While I was away: The Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Bush]
37:00 Why should the government enforce Christianity?
Shane: If the Founders wanted to enforce Christianity, it would have been in the Constitution.
Kevin: It was Christians who fought against giving the federal government authority in the area of religion.
Marriage: A God-Ordained Institution
Marriage Amendment
Marriage Amendment | from my blog
Republicans Legalize Homosexual "Marriage"
Newsweek Attacks Marriage
40:00 Shane: Religions always want to restrict freedom.
All government laws restrict freedom.
42:00 Here's another way of understanding this conflict:
Should the Government give tax breaks to rapists? When a rapist is paroled or serves his sentence, should he be exempt from taxation for the rest of his life? Theoretically (according to libertarian theory), the answer is YES, "Tax Breaks for Rapists!" Taxation is theft. Stealing money from rapists is theft. Rapists should be tax-exempt.
Having said that, what kind of political message is sent by someone who advocates "tax breaks for rapists?" Answer: rape is good.
Even though I believe in theory that rapists should be tax-exempt, I'm not inclined to work for that, at least not directly. Same with government restrictions on homosexuals. In theory, I oppose all government restrictions. A government should not prohibit anyone from honoring a commitment regarding property or visitation rights entered into voluntarily, even by homosexuals. But fighting for an end to government restrictions on people who defy Biblical morality is not a politically popular crusade.
42:00 Creationists are more libertarian than evolutionists.
Creationists want freedom for both sides. Evolutionists want to restrict the freedom of creationists. During most of the history of Western Civilization, "Science" did not require atheistic materialism. Federal Courts should not prohibit local schools from teaching Creationism.
45:00 According to the Bible, the only legitimate "marriage" is between one man and one woman.
Courts and legislatures in America saw themselves bound by what God said in the Bible.
46:00 Homosexuals are not denied any rights in California, only the name "marriage."
Approval, not Liberty - Homosexuals can do whatever they want, except force Christians to call them "married."
Homosexuals Threaten Religious Liberty and Property Rights
53:00 Why would a libertarian favor a law that denies homosexuals the right to merge property?
The government does not have to legitimize a homosexual union in order to stop denying them the right to form voluntary contracts.
55:00 Same-Sex Marriage Isn't Tolerant -
Homosexuals are battling for legitimacy and recognition of their sexual behavior, not contractual rights.
1:00:00 "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - Homosexuals in the Military
1:09:00 Homosexuality: Choice or Genes?
Who decides? America's Founding Fathers believed God answered this question in the Bible.