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Congressional Issues 2012

Congress should:
  • repudiate statism

Statism is the worship of the State. It is the belief that the State can bring salvation. It is idolatry.

Statism is primarily a Christian heresy. Just like the State was brought into ancient Israel, it was Christians who brought the State into Western Civilization. It is mostly Christians who are statist. Despite their libertarian leanings, America's Founding Fathers were statists. They believed that "the State" was a "divine institution," "ordained by God," and necessary for an orderly human society (erroneously quoting Romans 13:1-7).

Fortunately, America's Founders were not consistent statists. The central concern of "We the People" in ratifying the Constitution was to limit federal power. We become libertarians if we are consistent with this momentum.

But America's Founders also recognized that libertarianism could lead to chaos if unchecked by virtue. And this is where the cure for statism can be found. Americans must trust in God once again. The false religion of statism must be replaced by true religion.

I think Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal would call me a "Holy Warrior" for blaspheming his secular state:

When men of God mistake their articles of devotion with political platforms, they ... have set themselves on a collision course with the American political tradition.
In the name of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, democracy without end. Amen.

I guess he's sorta kidding. But I'm afraid he's sorta not.

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