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Congressional Issues 2010
The Profligate Legislature

The 112th Congress should's "Read the Bills Act" (RTBA) Pass the Read the Bills Act (RTBA). Those in Congress who vote on legislation they have not read, have not represented their constituents. They have misrepresented them.'s "One Subject at a Time Act" (OSTA)Congress routinely passes unpopular laws by combining them with completely unrelated bills that have majority support. The "One Subject at a Time Act" requires that all legislation be given titles that describe what the bills would actually do, so that members of Congress and the public can know what the "one subject" of the bill actually is.
The "Enumerated Powers Act" (EPA)It is the tradition of Congress, for each member, upon the start of their terms of office, to take an oath, promising to protect and uphold the Constitution. Yet virtually every day that Congress is in session these same oath-takers become law-breakers -- passing laws and expending funds on items that are not Constitutionally permissible. Representative John Shadegg (R-AZ) has re-introduced The Enumerated Powers Act (EPA) - HR 450's "Write the Laws Act" (WTLA)Each year bureaucrats issue tens-of-thousands of new dictates. None of these rules are written by Congress, read by Congress, debated by Congress, or voted on by Congress. Don't let Congress delegate its law-making powers to the Executive Branch bureaucracy.

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