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Kevin Craig - "Liberty Under God"

General Patriotism is love of one's country, not love of one's government. Our allegiance to God must be greater than our allegiance to the government. This is what it means to say that the government is "under God."
We believe the words "under God" should be retained in the Pledge of Allegiance and all efforts to remove them vigorously opposed. When the Farm Bureau says federal attempts to purge God from public life must be "vigorously opposed," what kind of opposition does this require? Has the incumbent engaged in this kind of "vigorous opposition?"

Kevin Craig passed the California Bar Exam (said to be the toughest bar exam in the world), but the same court (9th Circuit Court of Appeals) that prohibited school children from saying the words "under God" upheld a federal district court's decision to deny Kevin Craig a license to practice law on the grounds that his allegiance to God is greater than his allegiance to the government.  Details:

The federal government now rejects the idea that it must be "under God."

Any government that refuses to acknowledge that it is under God is a government that believes it is God.

Kevin Craig believes that America must officially, publicly, and legally acknowledge itself to be "under God," and to be a Christian nation. Some would say this is an attempt to impose a theocracy. This is true. All laws come from a nation's morality, and all morality stems from a religion. "Secular Humanism" (atheism) is a religion. Every nation is therefore a "theocracy." Iraq is an Islamist theocracy. The Soviet Union was an atheist theocracy, with Man as god. America was a libertarian Christian Theocracy.

We believe the words "In God We Trust" should continue to be printed on all U.S. currency. Atheists have challenged the use of the word "God," and (until recently) courts have been unwilling to rule that "God" is unconstitutional. But in so ruling, courts have said that "God" is not a religious or theological term, but is only a secular, patriotic slogan. This would be taking the Lord's Name in vain. It must be made a matter of national policy that "God" is the God of the Christian Bible. Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God. James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution," was correct when he said that non-Christian religions are "false religions."
Our national anthem is a beautiful message for the ages. We must continue to honor those who fought and served this country by keeping it in its current form. I'm unaware of any movement to alter the national anthem. But I would vote to change it to "America the Beautiful."
United States Flag  
We support a U.S. constitutional amendment to allow states to prosecute any person guilty of desecration of the United States flag. Flag Burning is a valid exercise of First Amendment rights.

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