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This website provides a comparison between the views of the Missouri Farm Bureau, found here, and the views of Kevin Craig, Libertarian Party Candidate for Congress.

Kevin Craig is campaigning on the ideal of "Liberty Under God." This is the philosophy that made America the greatest and most admired nation in history.
"Liberty" means "the Free Market."
"Under God" means an acknowledgment of God's right to command us to love our neighbor, not to use force or fraud against him, and belief in God's promises of grace and blessing upon our faithfulness.

Kevin Craig is generally a more consistent defender of the Free Market than the Missouri Farm Bureau, and more consistent than the incumbent Congressman. Every attempt to achieve a short-term objective by resorting to government coercion, regulation or subsidy is a move toward Socialism and away from the prosperity which Free Market Capitalism provides. Everyone has a justification for government intervention "in my case." In every case, government intervention exacerbates the problem it purports to solve, or creates greater problems.

Kevin Craig challenges the Missouri Farm Bureau to endorse the candidate that America's Founding Fathers would endorse if they were to travel through time from 1776 to 2010. They overthrew a government they described as a "tyranny," yet it was far more Christian and respectful of individual rights than the federal government of today. Today's government is not in any meaningful sense subjecting itself to the Constitution of 1787, and there can be no doubt that America's Founding Fathers would endorse Kevin Craig, and would warn in severe terms against endorsing the re-election of the incumbent.

Farmers must stop accepting tyranny and the confiscation of over half of everything they earn in exchange for token subsidies and "protection" from competitors, government programs which are not really ethical.

Missouri Farm Bureau

Kevin Craig - "Liberty Under God"

In each of the webpages below, the position of the Missouri Farm Bureau is taken from their website and placed in the left-hand column. Then the position of Kevin Craig is placed in the right-hand column, usually with links to pages from his main campaign website. Predominantly federal issues are in bold.
  Where there is no corresponding link on the Craig for Congress website, a general agreement or disagreement will be indicated by a color:
  A red color indicates disagreement.
  A yellow color indicates concerns or qualifications
  A green color indicates agreement.
  "End:YES, Means:NO"
indicates, usually, that the goal is worthy, but government intervention isn't the best way to achieve that goal.

SNF = state, not a federal issue.

Original MoFB Order

Kevin Craig's Recommended Order