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Congressional Issues 2010
Rural Electrification And Telephones

Missouri Farm Bureau

Kevin Craig - "Liberty Under God"

Cell Phones  
We believe that rural people should have equal access to cell phone services and that Farm Bureau should represent the membership before the Public Service Commission, so one company cannot own and control the cell service in that area.  
We believe fees assessed by cell phone companies for the early termination of contracts are excessive and should be eliminated.  
Rural Electrification Electricity Policy
We support the continuation of the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) as the primary source of financing for the rural electric cooperative system.  
We will oppose state and federal regulations for electric utility restructuring which would shift costs from large industrial users to farm and residential users. This includes "retail wheeling", the ability of an electric company to deliver their electricity over another companies lines to serve retail customers. Electrical Utilities: The Final Deregulatory Frontier
We will support provisions in retail wheeling plans that provide for the full recovery of stranded costs and ensure electric system safety. We urge Farm Bureau to work to ensure that proposed deregulation of the electrical industry will treat rural customers fairly.  
We favor legislation to protect rural electric cooperatives from unrealistic and damaging liability claims for environmental clean up costs being imposed on them by the Environmental Protection Agency under such laws as the Comprehension Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).  
We oppose additional restrictions on the use of coal in the production of electricity through government rules, regulations and laws.  
We support the efforts of Missouri rural electric cooperatives to provide customers with ethanol powered hydrogen fuel cells.  
We believe rural people should be allowed to call their trade area toll-free if economically feasible and if they so desire.  
Farm Bureau should continue to represent its membership before the Public Service Commission. Farm Bureau should work to have one individual with a farm background on the Public Service Commission.  
We believe that commercial mass cold canvass telephone calls should be prohibited.  
We strongly encourage efforts by telephone companies to improve telecommunications systems in the rural areas of the state.  
When a boundary line between two telephone companies divides a piece of real estate, we believe the property owner should have his/her choice of which company or companies serves him/her anywhere on that property.  
We support telephone companies becoming involved in electronic data and information transfer and cable TV services.  
We believe that it is of great importance that 911 service be available to all counties of the state, including the rural counties not currently being served.  
We support assessing a fee on cell phones, voice over internet protocols, or any other device that can access the 911 system to support local 911 emergency response services.  
We support the National and State No-Call list.  
We believe that damages collected by utilities should be limited to repairs.  
We support the concept that public utilities maintain certain height, width, and/or depth safety standards in new installations which will accommodate modern farm equipment.  
We favor the Public Service Commission being more strict in granting rate increases.  
We recommend continued research in storage of electricity for use during peak hours.  
In the interest of safety for firemen and other emergency personnel as well as the safety and convenience of the property owner, we believe all electric utility companies should provide a "main disconnect" switch located below the meter.  
We believe legislation should be introduced to ensure property owners have the ability to choose which company or companies serve them when the boundary line between two utility companies borders or divides their real estate.  
We believe that landowners should not be liable for damages that result from incorrectly marked or located utilities.  
Rural electric cooperatives should continue to expand service to customers even if they are incorporated into city limits.  

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