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Liberty Under God

Congress should
  • Abolish prisons and fines and other forms of vengeance and promote restitution to the victim.

What is "Justice?"

Suppose I steal your car. What is "justice?"

Justice means I give you your car back. Plus the money you spent on renting a car or bus fare. Plus whatever other damages I caused you by taking your car.

Justice means restitution.

Justice means the victim is made whole, restored to the position he was in before the crime was committed.

"Justice" does not mean that you, the victim, must pay $25,000 a year to lock me up in prison to be sodomized. It does not mean that you, the victim, must pay for color TV and a weightlifting set for the perpetrator.

We should not substitute vengeance for repentance, restitution, and restoration. But there are three ways "the government" does this:

These should all be abolished and replaced with competing Free Market agencies that promote restitution to the victim and restoration of the offender.

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By Dr. R.J. Rushdoony


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