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Sexuality and Culture

The 113th Congress should:

  • not impose heterosexual monogamous culture on America by threats of force and violence;
  • oppose legislation which penalizes or undermines heterosexual monogamous marital sexuality.

I am proud to say that my views on religion and morality are very similar to those of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. My views on sexual morality are the views of the vast majority of civilized men over the last six thousand years.

Where I part company with the "Religious Right" and traditional conservatives is my response to those who sin. I do not believe in confiscating the property of people who are sexually immoral. I do not believe in incarcerating people who are sexually immoral in small jail cells with psychopaths to be beaten and sodomized. I do not believe in capital punishment.

In short, while I agree with the moral views of America's Founding Fathers, I do not agree with their penal sanctions.

Liberty Leads to Morality
Coercion Corrupts

"Social Conservatives" want to guard marriage and prevent sexual immorality. So do I. I'll say something that most candidates would never say: I want to eradicate homosexuality, adultery, and prostitution. I do not believe that imprisoning homosexuals or executing adulterers is the best way to eradicate these sins. I believe the best way to eradicate sexual immorality is to adopt the entire libertarian policy package. Key examples:

  • The separation of school and state
    Modern secular compulsory government monopoly schools oppose "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" and promote sexual immorality.
    The vast majority of parents do not want their children experimenting with prostitution or homosexuality.
    Liberty means parents could choose the kinds of schools they want; the schools that reinforce their values.
  • A foreign policy based on America as a City upon a Hill, rather than imperialist hegemony.
    Reason: militarism is anti-family. More.
  • "The State" as a cultural institution is organized rape.
    It says, "If you can't persuade people to give you what you want, use force."
    Surveys reveal surprisingly large percentages of under-30 boys/men who believe they have the right to get what they want if they pay for dinner.
  • The libertarian philosophy is that you must compete by serving the consumer.
    The worldview of the state is: "We are strong. We are #1. We are entitled to what we want."

In the absence of an institution based on compulsion, coercion, and the initiation of force, a Free Market will rise to higher levels of morality. The truth wins in the end. Virtue is more competitive than selfishness, in the long run.

In short, "Legalize" the 3 H's!

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I often cite or link to non-libertarian sources in my webages. I do not necessarily endorse their legislative proposals, but I often agree with their diagnosis of the problem.

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