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Liberty Under God, Step-by-Step

Congress should:
  • instantly abolish all unconstitutional government programs, and instantly establish Liberty Under God.
Congress will:
  • not do the right thing instantly.

You may not agree with the entire platform of Kevin Craig. You may think he's unrealistic to want to cut government so much.

It would be a waste of time for a Congressman to submit legislation in January 2015 which would cut the federal government back to the levels prescribed by the Constitution. There is simply no way that Congress as a whole is going to keep its oath to defend the Constitution and pass such a bill. Cutting the federal government back to Constitutionally permissible levels would represent a cut of about 95%. That should be our goal, but that's not necessarily our strategy.

Politics is a tug-of-war.

In a tug-of-war, two teams hold opposite ends of the rope and attempt to pull the other team into the mud in the middle. America is already in the mud, and the forces of big government are still pulling the rope as hard as they can. Electing a Congressman who stands in the mud and promises to "hold our position" or "stop spending increases" but who also promises to "avoid extremes" will only be pulled closer to socialism and farther away from the goal on the other side of the mud:  Liberty Under God.

Among 435 elected Representatives, only a couple are consistently voting in a way that upholds their oath of office and preserves Liberty Under God. The vast majority are using their office to buy votes from special interests by promising bigger government benefits. The vast majority are unconstitutionally expanding the federal government and stealing from your paycheck.

You'll never get a smaller government and a lower tax bill unless you vote for one "extremist" in a Congress full of socialists.

In order to counter the voting record of 400 Congressmen who vote for bigger government and higher taxes, you need a strong, passionate defender of limited government and lower taxes, not just someone who promises to reduce a large increase in government spending down to a smaller increase in government spending.

My goal is "extreme." But if I were to be elected, my "extreme" voice will be moderated by 400+ other congressmen who oppose the vision of America's Founding Fathers, and support the opposite idea. Many of my web pages have specific step-by-step goals that are not "extreme," but at least get us moving out of the mud.

You may think that some government funding of your pet project is a good thing, but you're willing to have your favorite program's budget cut by 20% if other unessential appropriations are cut by 50%, or even abolished entirely. But those agencies are thinking exactly the same thing: they will accept a small cut in their program if your program will be cut entirely.

Maybe half of all Americans wish government would just stop growing every year, but the incentive to protest government programs is never as big as the incentive to lobby for one. There's quite an incentive for an organization to lobby for several million dollars in government benefits, but each individual taxpayer will only save a penny or two by fighting that particular program, so why bother?

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

If I were elected to ten terms of Congress, I would spend the first 6-8 terms rolling back the federal government to its Constitutional levels, then in my final term or two I would go beyond the Constitution to secure Liberty Under God in even greater measure.

It's a truly "utopian" goal, but I recognize the practical political necessity of moving step-by-step.

A Program to Abolish Harmful Bureaucracies

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