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Bringing LIBERTY to Capitol Hill -- 2008
Saturday Morning, June 7, 2008, 10:30am

A Discussion of The President's Saturday Morning Radio Address

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Notes and Summary of the President's Address -- War Supplemental

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Congress will soon vote on legislation to fund our troops serving on the front lines of the war on terror. This is an opportunity for Congress to give our men and women in uniform the tools they need to protect us, and Congress should approve these vital funds immediately.  (continued below)

How the President Differs from the American vision of "Liberty Under God":

  1. Spending $3 trillion and killing a million people in Iraq does not move us closer to "Liberty Under God."
  2. Spending $3 trillion and killing a million people in Iraq does not move us closer to the ideal of everyone living safely under his own "vine & fig tree."
  3. If the federal government did not undertake the task of overthrowing Saddam Hussein, destroying hundreds of billions of dollars of Iraqi infrastructure and killing hundreds of thousands of people, and replacing the secular Baathist government with an Islamic theocracy, would Americans still be as free as they are today? No. More free.
  4. Nothing in the President's Agenda reduces socialism and promotes Free Markets.
  5. The President has forgotten the limits placed on his authority by the Constitution. He does not have the Constitutional authority to spend
  6. The President has forgotten the promises made by the Republican Party Platform when he was elected.
  7. The United States government was founded on a policy of non-intervention in foreign affairs:
    "The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible."

    — Washington, Farewell Address (1796) [Washington’s emphasis]

    I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government, and consequently [one] which ought to shape its administration,…peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.

    — Jefferson, First Inaugural Address (1801)

  8. This policy would preclude U.S. intervention in Arab-Israeli affairs.
  9. "Democracy" was not a goal of America's Founding Fathers. Bush's attempt to bring "democracy" to Iraq only brings tyranny.
  10. No war in American history has been good for the ideal of "Liberty Under God." None of them should have been fought. Those who died, died in vain.

President Bush's
Saturday Morning Radio Address

Another Perspective:
"Liberty Under God"

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Congress will soon vote on legislation to fund our troops serving on the front lines of the war on terror. This is an opportunity for Congress to give our men and women in uniform the tools they need to protect us, and Congress should approve these vital funds immediately.  
Congress has had this funding request for more than a year, and there is no reason for further delay. This money is urgently needed to support military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. I put forward some reasonable requirements this bill must meet. First, this bill must give our troops the resources they need to defeat the terrorists and extremists. Second, the bill must not tie the hands of our commanders. Third, the bill must not exceed the reasonable and responsible funding levels I have requested.

Congress has had 16 months to decide how they will meet these requirements, and now the time has come for them to support our troops in harm's way. If Congress does not act, critical accounts at the Department of Defense will soon run dry. At the beginning of next month, civilian employees may face temporary layoffs. The department will have to close down a vital program that is getting potential insurgents off the streets and into jobs. The Pentagon will run out of money it needs to support critical day-to-day operations that help keep our Nation safe. And after July, the department will no longer be able to pay our troops -- including those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. The purpose of the Pentagon and the Department of Defense is to provide jobs for juvenile delinquents in Iraq??
Our men and women in uniform and their families deserve better than this. Around the world, our troops are taking on dangerous missions with skill and determination. In Afghanistan, they are delivering blows to the Taliban and al Qaeda. In Iraq, they've helped bring violence down to its lowest point since late March of 2004. Civilian deaths are down. Sectarian killings are down. As security has improved, the economy has improved as well, and political reconciliation is taking place at the grassroots and national levels. The Iraqi security forces are becoming more capable, and as they do, our troops are beginning to come home under a policy of return on success.

Each day, the men and women of our Armed Forces risk their lives to make sure their fellow citizens are safer. They serve with courage and honor. They've earned the respect of all Americans. And they deserve the full support of Congress. I often hear members of Congress say they oppose the war, but still support the troops. Now they have a chance to prove it. Congress should pass a responsible funding bill that gives our men and women in uniform the resources they need -- and the support they have earned. Congress should not "support" troops who volunteer for an unconstitutional and unChristian war. U.S. Representatives who supported Bush's war violated their oath to "support the Constitution."
Thank you for listening.  

Kevin Craig's Platform:

Revolution Won't Come in a Day

John Adams once wrote that the American Revolution began in 1761, when Massachusetts attorney James Otis began legal challenges to the Writs of Assistance. He lost the case, but "American independence," Adams wrote, "was then and there born." Now do the math. That means it took 15 years to convince the rest of America to declare Independence (1776). Then another seven years of war was required before a Peace Treaty was signed (1783), and then six years before the Constitution was finally ratified (1789). That's almost 30 years. (And Jefferson said we shouldn't go 20 years without another rebellion!) How can we hope to convince Americans to fight for principles they were never taught in government schools? We need to be in this battle for the long term. "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."

The Internet Can Speed up the Revolution

Here are ways you can help.

Communicating with Government and Media

  • Contact Congress -- this is from the JBS website, powered by "CapWiz," from Capitol Advantage. Lots of organizations use capwiz. If you don't want to go through the JBS, search for capwiz on Google and find another organization that uses it.
    Notice that you can also contact media through this webpage.
  • Action E-List
    Sign up for the JBS Action E-List and be notified when you can make a critical difference on important issues.

Iraq Waste


Iraq Waste
Big government prospers through failure. Each new failure is used to justify more spending and new powers. Wasteful spending in Iraq is the latest example. One way to change this is to hold government accountable. A new bill in Congress seeks to provide some of the needed accountability. Please support it. Learn more »

Support Ron Paul's “American Freedom Agenda Act”
The politicians have done great harm to this country in response to the 9-11 attack. A bill has been introduced that will undo much of that harm.
Learn More »

  Strike at the Root
The Accountability Project: 9-11 Accountability  

The Accountability Project: 9-11 Accountability
The federal government had all the power, information, and resources it needed to prevent the 9/11 attacks—it simply failed to do so. Government repeatedly fails because it never pays a price for poor performance. Instead, government rewards itself for its own incompetence—with new powers and greater resources. We want to hold the federal government accountable for its failure on 9/11. Please help us do so by sending a message to Congress demanding accountability. Learn More »

Repeal the Patriot Act
We said the government would abuse the Patriot Act, and it has. Now it's time to tell Congress to repeal it.

  Repeal the Patriot Act
Leave Iraq  

Stop experimenting with American lives
Congress and the President have spent four years experimenting with American lives, trying to find a way to bring peace to Iraq. It is time for the experiments to end. It is time for the Iraqi's to resolve their own problems. HR 413 would de-authorize the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Tell Congress to stop the experiments. Tell Congress to pass HR 413.

Stop the War for Terror
U.S. policy has inflamed the Middle East. It has made terrorism more likely rather than less. We seem to be fighting a war for terror, rather than on terror. This policy must stop. The place to start stopping is with Iran. We must not attack Iran. War with Iran would devastate our economy, disrupt world oil supplies, and recruit more terrorists. Click here to stop this war before it starts.

  Stop The War FOR Terror

The Democrat Party Radio Address:

The Democratic Radio Address was delivered by Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, who criticized the enormous deficits of the Bush Administration, and proposed numerous expansions of federal programs.

Libertarian Response:

The Myth of the Clinton Surplus

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