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Biblical Blueprints

Congress should:
  • Follow the Biblical Blueprints

The Bible is a blueprint for the construction of a healthy, prosperous society.

Imagine a construction worker who decides to ignore the blueprints and "do it my own way."

The building could collapse.

Society will collapse --
either into chaos and selfish individualism,
or into tyranny and dictatorship of the Many by the One --
if we do not follow the Biblical Blueprints.

The Bible is a thick book of blueprints.

If you've never studied architecture or civil engineering, you might not understand a set of blueprints. It takes some study to understand and apply God's Biblical Blueprints. In many ways, Early Americans were better educated in this task than we are.

Here are some examples of attempts to apply Biblical Blueprints:

These attempts to apply the Bible do not always agree with the attempts made on this website. The next generation may get it right and disagree with both of us. But we won't make it to the next generation if civilization is destroyed by atheistic communism or jihadism.

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