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Bringing LIBERTY to Capitol Hill -- 2012
Saturday Morning, October 22nd, 2011, 10:30am

Comparing the American Vision of "Liberty Under God"
with the President's Saturday Morning Radio Address
and the Republican Response

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Our Goal for the Planet:

The message of the angels to the shepherds on the first Christmas:

And this is the sign unto you: Ye shall find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
Glory to God in the highest,
peace on earth
among men in whom He is well pleased.

Peace on Earth Begins with You.

Our Goal for You:

To be one in whom God is well pleased:

His lord said unto him, `Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter thou into the joy of thy lord.' Matthew 25:21

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Transcript and Analysis of the President's Weekly Radio Address:
Bringing Home Our Troops

The White House Press Office:  � In this week�s address, President Obama said that the death of Moammar Qadhafi in Libya and the announcement that troops from Iraq will return home by the end of the year are strong reminders that the United States has renewed its leadership in the world.  The role of our brave pilots and crews has given the Libyan people a chance to seek a democratic future for their children, and after a decade of war in Iraq, the United States is moving forward and focusing on strengthening the economy and security at home.  This is why the President is calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, give working families a tax break, and put teachers back in our classrooms and cops on the beat.  We must bring the same sense of urgency to revitalizing our economy that our troops took to their fight, which is why President Obama is urging Republicans and Democrats to work together to pass the American Jobs Act now to put the American people back to work.

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President Obama's
Saturday Morning Radio Address
Saturday Morning, October 22nd, 2011

Another Perspective:
Liberty Under God"

This week, we had two powerful reminders of how we�ve renewed American leadership in the world.  I was proud to announce that�as promised�the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of this year.  And in Libya, the death of Moammar Qadhafi showed that our role in protecting the Libyan people, and helping them break free from a tyrant, was the right thing to do. �Do you see evidence of "American leadership" in this video:

     Being murdered by a violent mob is a terrifying way to die. Being bombed is less terrifying because it is more impersonal.
     The Bible forbids violent revolution against the civil government. Governments do provide some order, and a disordered end to their order creates more disorder. Order is best created when governments repent and resign voluntarily.

In Iraq, we�ve succeeded in our strategy to end the war.  Last year, I announced the end of our combat mission in Iraq.  We�ve already removed more than 100,000 troops, and Iraqi forces have taken full responsibility for the security of their own country.  Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, the Iraqi people have the chance to forge their own future.  And now the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays. Resources on Iraq

Iraq is a massive, costly economically devastating failure

The people of Iraq didn't and aren't "forging their own future."

Should America be a Christian City upon a Hill, or an atheistic imperialist empire.

In Libya, our brave pilots and crews helped prevent a massacre, save countless lives, and give the Libyan people the chance to prevail.  Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives.  Soon, our NATO mission will come to a successful end even as we continue to support the Libyan people, and people across the Arab world, who seek a democratic future.  There is no Godly "leadership" in Libya

Proverbs 24:21
My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:

Violent revolution against the government is a sin.

These successes are part of a larger story.  After a decade of war, we�re turning the page and moving forward, with strength and confidence.  The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus on Afghanistan and achieve major victories against al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.  As we remove the last of our troops from Iraq, we�re beginning to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.   
To put this in perspective, when I took office, roughly 180,000 troops were deployed in these wars.  By the end of this year that number will be cut in half, and an increasing number of our troops will continue to come home.   
As we end these wars, we�re focusing on our greatest challenge as a nation�rebuilding our economy and renewing our strength at home.  Over the past decade, we spent a trillion dollars on war, borrowed heavily from overseas and invested too little in the greatest source of our national strength�our own people.  Now, the nation we need to build is our own.   
We have to tackle this challenge with the same urgency and unity that our troops brought to their fight.  That�s why we have to do everything in our power to get our economy moving again.  That�s why I�m calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, so we can rebuild our country � our schools, our roads, our bridges � and put our veterans, construction workers, teachers, cops and firefighters back to work.   And that�s why I hope all of us can draw strength from the example of our men and women in uniform. A federal "jobs act" is unconstitutional.

Jobs: A Free Market View

Jobs: A Constitutional View

Root Problem: Americans view "the government" as their Savior. This motivates them to ignore the Constitution.

Schools: A Constitutional View
College: A Free Market View
The Christian Roots of Education in America
A Free Market View
Roads and Bridges
Unwise, unconstitutional
Who wants to hire someone who volunteers to fight an unconstitutional war against the innocent? Who wants to hire someone who volunteers to overthrow a government that permits Christian evangelism and replace it with an Islamic Theocracy under Sharia Law?
Tax Cuts
Great idea, but how will this pay for the salaries of all those new workers?
Taxation is theft. Stealing from a rich person is just as much theft as stealing from a plumber.
They�ve met their responsibilities to America.  Now it�s time to meet ours.  It�s time to come together and show the world why the United States of America remains the greatest source for freedom and opportunity that the world has ever known.  

The Republican Party Radio Address:


Response of the Republican Party
Saturday Morning Radio Address


Saturday, October 22nd, 2011


Once again, the Republican Party leadership has asked Congressman Ron Paul of Texas to deliver . . . wait a minute . . . I'm sorry . . .
Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California delivered the GOP Weekly Address

Good morning. I'm Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina, and I'm honored to speak with you today.  
For 32 straight months now, unemployment in this country has been over 8%. Thirty-two months -- that's a national record. It's also a clear indictment of the way we've handled the 23 million Americans looking for full-time employment.  
Some in Washington, including the President, are suggesting that we simply spend more money. We've already tried that - it did not spur job growth then, and it won't now.  
The American people realize that this is not about how much money Washington can spend. It's about getting government out of the way and creating the climate for growth and jobs.  
This means listening to the American people and passing common-sense legislation that makes the rules that govern job-creating investments more predictable. Businesses are not going to hire if they can't anticipate what new tax or federal regulation is going to hit them next. All Federal economic regulation is unconstitutional and harmful.
Congress should lead by example and get the nation's fiscal house in order. It starts with better stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The government of the future has to be smaller and less expensive if we want the prosperity of the American people to win out.  
The President has even ignored the suggestions of his own commission. Rather than implement even a single one of the strategic reforms and investments suggested by Simpson-Bowles, we continue to ignore our fiscal problems and focus only on spending more money and expanding the size of the federal government.  
This lack of fiscal discipline is unsustainable and cannot continue -- you know it, and I know it. The longer we kick the can down the road, the more difficult it will be to address our real problems and spur real job growth. Jobs: The Free Market View
Fortunately, there is an alternative to the President's approach. While some in Washington are focused on creating more government jobs, Republicans want to drive job creation in the private sector. We have a jobs proposal that would:  
  1. Simplify and stabilize the tax code
  2. Rein in government regulations
  3. Cap spending and reduce budget deficits
  4. Propose common sense healthcare solutions
  5. Encourage domestic energy development
  6. Create a competitive workforce, and
  7. Increase exports
  1. Abolish all government confiscation of wealth.
  2. Abolish all government economic regulation
  3. Don't just "reduce" deficits; eliminate them entirely.
  4. Forget "common sense." It is "common" for people to believe that healthcare is a "right" and should be provided by the government.
  5. Should the government also "encourage" domestic coffee development? Domestic banana development? Why???
  6. How does the government "create a competitive workforce? Where does the Constitution grant authority to even attempt this?
  7. Shouldn't we also increase imports? Why not? Beyond Exports
The American people deserve a debate on these issues.  
Our proposal is simple, and it makes it easier for businesses to thrive, grow, and hire. We will simplify the tax code so that businesses can more readily predict their expenses and increase their competitiveness in a global economy.  
We'll stop over-regulation at the federal level to ensure stability that businesses will not have to worry about the next burdensome regulation lurking around the corner. We'll lower federal spending and work towards a balanced budget amendment to restore the confidence in our government and our economy. We'll replace Obamacare with common-sense reforms that actually lower the cost of health care for all Americans. We'll increase America's energy independence by promoting increased oil and gas exploration and innovation in the field of renewable energy sources, driving down our reliance on energy imported from around the world. We will provide the tools needed for workers to succeed in the 21st century, and it starts with making sure our education system provides the foundational knowledge needed by tomorrow's workforce. We know that better schools and better workforce training, mean better jobs. Why bother amending the Constitution when the vast majority of federal spending is already unconstitutional? Congress ignores the Constitution. We don't need to "balance" unconstitutional spending with unconstitutional taxes. Balanced Budget vs. the Constitution
And, we'll promote free and fair trade to provide American businesses with opportunities to expand into new markets and remain competitive in the global marketplace, and hire workers to meet the increased demands of their goods and services. Trade

CAFTA - Central America Free Trade Agreement

Despite ideological differences, many of these proposals -- such as tax reform, regulatory reform, and increased trade opportunities - have the support of Republicans and Democrats.  
There is bipartisan agreement on the need to fundamentally reform our tax code to make it simpler, more fair, and more predictable for all Americans and job creators.  
The American people are hurting, and our economy is in grave danger. It's time for Congress to focus on the American people and not how difficult change might be.  
It's time to stop playing games and to get on with the serious business that the American people expect from us. It's time to fundamentally reform the obstacles to job creation and economic growth. It's time we pursue common-sense solutions that make America more competitive and put our nation back on the right track.  
This place that some call America and that we call home is the greatest country in the world. We should never forget the principles that made us great and will keep us great.  
Thanks for listening. God bless this great country. Deism teaches that God does not actively intervene in history to "bless" any nation.

  • The Two Major Parties vs. "Liberty Under God"

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  • More Resources on Today's Subjects

    The Constitution creates a government of enumerated powers.
    Any federal bureaucracy which has no Constitution authorization
    should be abolished. This is the key to cutting federal spending.

    Additional Jobs Resources


    Education -- like cars, clothing, housing, computers, and groceries -- is a service best provided by a Free Market, not Washington bureaucrats.

    Washington has removed what America's Founding Fathers said are the three most important things every school should teach. Do you know what they are?

    Foreign Policy - Iraq - Resources

    Resources on the Military:

    Those five webpages contain over 100 links to additional resources.

    • The Cost of War in dollars
    • Human casualties -- 6,000 Americans have lost their lives over 19 terrorists who lost theirs.
    • "Enemy" Casualties -- who is "the enemy?" Perhaps one million human beings have unnecessarily lost their lives as a result of the U.S. military's response to 9-11.

    If you take nothing else with you from today's "Virtual Town Hall," remember this:

    Taxation is immoral;
    the ethical equivalent of THEFT

    Second, Today's Tax Burden is 10-30 times greater
    than the taxes America's Founders called a tyranny.

    Third, the purposes for which today's government uses taxes
    are destructive of civilization itself.

    Politicians both Democrat and Republican are saying
    "we must cut taxes on small businesses to create jobs."
    But if they cut one tax, they increase another.

    America's Founding Fathers -- who condemned taxes which were
    one-twentieth the size of our taxes --
    would condemn today's politicians.

    The "Tax Expenditures" Myth

    Complex Inferiority


    How the Two Major Parties Differ from
    the American Vision of "Liberty Under God":

    • Liberty:
      • Freedom from the initiation of force by others, especially by the government.
      • "The government" claims to possess a morally legitimate monopoly of violence.
      • The entity called "the government" is the worst idea human beings have ever come up with. The whole concept of "the government" is evil.
    • "Under God"
    • The Constitution:
    • The Free Market:

      • America's Founders spoke of America as "an Experiment in Liberty" (1787-1887)
        • The "experiment" was a success: a Free Market made America the most prosperous and admired nation in history. "Capitalism" means freedom.
      • In the 20th century, the experiment in liberty was replaced with another experiment: an experiment in central planning
      • The original American dream of personal, private ownership, has been replaced with private indebtedness and public control.
      • The Invisible Hand of the Free Market works better than the Visible Fist of Government
      • America was founded on the philosophy of "Liberty Under God."
        • "Liberty" means freedom from government suppression of ideas and confiscation of wealth
        • "Under God" means we have a personal responsibility to love God and neighbor.
      • The original American Dream: Everyone dwelling safely under his own Vine & Fig Tree
        • Human beings are endowed with the right to property by God, not the government.
      • America was founded as a "City upon a Hill," a Christian nation from which the Gospel would be promoted around the world, and the "blessings of liberty" would cover the planet.
      • There is a difference between "the state" and "society." Society = the people.
      • Economics in One Lesson:
        • From this aspect, therefore, the whole of economics can be reduced to a single lesson, and that lesson can be reduced to a single sentence: The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.
    • Terrorism
      • Why do they call The United States "The Great Satan?"
        • The federal government bombs Muslims

        • The federal government has military bases in Muslim nations

        • The federal government supports Israel's actions against Palestinians 

      • These are the reasons given by Osama bin Laden for declaring a "fatwah" (holy war) against the U.S.
      • All of these accusations are true.
      • All of these government actions are contrary to the Constitution.
      • The biggest cause of terrorism -- and the most dangerous threat to the personal safety and security of ordinary Americans like you and me -- is the Federal Government of the United States.
      • The federal government is no longer a City upon a Hill, but an imperialist empire.
      • America's Founders envisioned the American people, acting as businessmen, humanitarians, and missionaries, engaging in commercial and charitable activities around the world, bringing peace and receiving the admiration of the world.
        • "The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible."
          � Washington, Farewell Address (1796) [Washington�s emphasis]

        • "I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government, and consequently [one] which ought to shape its administration,�peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none."
          � Jefferson, First Inaugural Address (1801) 

      • Bush's unconstitutional military invasion of Iraq has destroyed Christianity in that country.
        • Under Saddam Hussein's secular government, Christians in Iraq had greater freedom than in most other Arab nations, and one of the largest Christian populations in the Muslim world was in Iraq.
        • Iraq is now an Islamic theocracy under Sharia law. The Christian population has been destroyed. Christian Churches are burned and terrorized with impunity. Thanks be to Washington D.C.
      • Obama is following in Bush's unconstitutional, anti-Christian footsteps.
      • The U.S. needs to take greater leadership in avoiding nuclear mass-murder.
      • Is any war a "Just War?" We must beat our "swords into plowshares."
    • The New World Order
      • The "G-20" Leaders are not our representatives.
      • The U.S. must end "entangling alliances" with dictators around the globe.
    • Socialized Medical Care
      • Capitalism, not socialism, creates higher quality health care for more people, especially for the poor.
      • Health care reforms should decrease, not increase, government involvement.
        • No Government licensing of doctors and other healthcare providers.
        • No transformation of insurance into welfare.
    • Environmentalism
      • A false religion - worshiping the creature rather than the Creator.
      • Human beings have a higher priority than wildlife.
        • Dominion
        • Human beings need a healthy environment -- obviously.
        • "The State" is the greatest destroyer of the environment, and limits liability of polluters, to the detriment of private property owners.
    • Time for Revolution?

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    listeners' questions

    Why Americans Should

    365 Days a Year

    The word "Christ" means "King." The Message of Christmas and the Principles set forth by the Christ (the Messiah) who came that first Christmas are the real solution to America's problems. The Federal Government is at war with Christmas and "The Way of Peace" announced by the Prince of Peace. The Government should be on His shoulders (Isaiah 9:6-7). Abolishing a Messianic State is the only appropriate way to honor the Messiah. Otherwise Christmas becomes mass hypocrisy.



    Matthew 1:1-17
    Jesus was a descendant of King David. The Jews gave us the Bible.
    Obama is a distant cousin of both Dick Cheney and George Bush

    How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

    Luke 1:1-4
    Eyewitnesses of the Messiah recorded their testimony. Co-Founder of the Harvard Law School says their testimony would prove the resurrection in any court of law in America, at one time a Christian nation.
    No longer a Christian nation, American courts routinely release the guilty and condemn the innocent.
    John 1:1-18 - The Incarnation
    The Word became flesh. The Creator of the universe becomes a human being. He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him, preferring darkness rather than light.
    Luke 3:23-38
    Jesus was a descendant of Abraham.
    All those who submit to Jesus as the Messiah (the rightful king of the earth) inherit the promises made to Abraham
    Those who reject the Messiah do not inherit the promises made to Abraham, even though Bush defends their right to do so.
    Luke 1:5-25
    John the Baptist prepares the way for the Messiah, as prophesied of Elijah.
    As you read the Gospel accounts, ask yourself how you would react if you knew these accounts were really true. Not just true in some "religious" sense, but reported in the New York Times, proven in a court of law, or acknowledged by your personal hero.  (How do you know something is true? Do you even have any "heroes?") How should you change your life if your Creator became a human being? How should Washington D.C. react if this human being claimed to be the true Ruler?
    Luke 1:26-38
    The Angel Gabriel announces the conception of the Messiah, who will be given the throne of David.
    Luke 1:39-45
    The unborn John recognizes the mother of the Messiah.
    Bush-Obama would chop the unborn John and the unborn Jesus into stem cells for "medical research."
    Luke 1:46-56 - "The Magnificat"
    �He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.� Luke 1:51
    The Bush Administration is filled with the power-hungry, who commit adultery in reality or in fantasy.
    Luke 1:67-80
    Zacharias, John the Baptist's father, prophecies the birth of Jesus the anti-king.
    The expectations of Zacharias are 180� opposite those of the Bush-Obama Administration.
    Matthew 1:18-25
    Joseph told about the Incarnation.
    "Jesus" means "salvation"
    "Immanuel" means "God with us"
    The Bush Administration thinks it brings salvation.

    Obama thinks he is Immanuel.

    Luke 2:1-7
    The Prophet Micah predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Jesus' parents lived in Nazereth. Therefore God predestined Caesar to issue a decree (probably relating to taxes) that would bring Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem before Jesus was born.
    Bush claims the same global power of confiscation and migration as Caesar did. Thousands of Christians have been forced to move out of Iraq to make way for Bush's Islamic Theocracy.
    Luke 2:8-14
    An army of angels announces the birth of the Messiah, saying,
    �Glory to God in the highest,
          And on earth peace to those with whom He is pleased!�
    Man's chief end is to glorify God and live in peace. The Bush Administration's chief end is to erect a "wall of separation" between God and government so that the State gives no glory to God, and to wage war, thereby "stimulating the economy."
    Luke 2:15-20
    �Now when they had seen Him, they made widely known the saying which was told them concerning this Child. And all those who heard it marveled at those things which were told them by the shepherds.�
    Washington D.C. isn't listening.
    Luke 2:22-24
    Joseph and Mary went to Jerusalem to obey Leviticus 12:8, which suggests that they were not rich.
    Washington politicians are among the richest and most financially secure people in America.
    Luke 2:25-35
    Simeon had been told he would not die before he saw the Lord's Messiah. He says Jesus is "The One."

    Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

    Luke 2:36-38
    Anna the Prophetess is another well-known Godly person who acknowledges that Jesus is the Child promised by the prophets.
    Where is the Anna of our day who tells us we can trust Washington D.C. to bring salvation?
    Matthew 2:1-8
    "Wise men from the East" knew of Micah's prophecy that the King of the Jews would be born in Bethlehem.
    Are there any wise men around the world who place their confidence in George Bush, Henry Paulson, Paul Krugman, or Barack Obama?
    Matthew 2:9-12
    The kings from the east present the Messiah with "gold, frankincense, and myrrh."
    Rather than bestowing wealth on the King, Obama-Bush confiscates the wealth of others.
    Matthew 2:13-18
    When Herod got word of the birth of a rival king, he behaved in a perfectly logical way (for someone who wants to protect his power):  he massacred all male babies the age of Jesus. Herod recognized that Jesus was a threat to Herod's power.
    Every day in America 4,000 unborn babies are murdered. These babies must threaten something.

    Millions of Americans who call themselves Christians, on the other hand, are no threat to tyranny. None of them are being killed. Bush has killed a thousand times more human beings than Herod did, and confiscated a billion times more wealth than Herod did.

    Matthew 28:18-20
    Herod's son Antipas played a small role in the execution of Jesus Christ. But Jesus rose from the dead, was enthroned on the throne of David at the right hand of God, and assumed the rightful role of King over all nations.
    "Beginning today and culminating on Sunday morning, Christians will celebrate with their families the resurrection of Christ, His victory over death. We will remember that He gave His body and His blood�washing clean the faults and the shortcomings of the world. In our rejoicing we will renew the hope that is ours through the risen Lord."
    Ronald Reagan: Statement on the Celebration of Passover and Easter, April 17, 1981.

    Seven Themes in Micah's Vine & Fig Tree Prophecy


    Micah's Prophecy (Micah 4:1-7)

    7 Archetypes

    5 Reading Sources


    And it will come about in the last days
    [For the LORD of hosts has spoken.]
    That the mountain of the House of the LORD
    Will be established as the chief of the mountains
    • Christmas vs. Rapture
    • Sovereignty
    • Providence
    • Predestination
    • Authority
    • Victory
    • Power
    • Kingdom
    • Heaven on Earth
    • Heaven Now
    The Bible

    Westminster Standards

    Preterism / Christmas


    Year 2: Calvin's Institutes


    And it will be raised above the hills
    And the peoples will stream to it.
    And many nations will come and say,
    "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD
    And to the House of the God of Jacob,


    That He may teach us about His ways
    And that we may walk in His paths."
    For from Zion will go forth the Law
    Even the Word of the LORD from Jerusalem.
    And He will judge between many peoples
    And render decisions for mighty, distant nations.


    Year 2: Rushdoony's Institutes


    [And each of them will sit under his
    Vine and under his fig tree,]
    • Family
    • Patriarchy


    Then they will hammer their
    swords into plowshares
    And their spears into pruning hooks;
    Nation will not lift up sword against nation
    And never again will they train for war.


    Year 2: Pacifism/Anarchism


    And each of them will sit under his
    Vine and under his Fig Tree,
    With no one to make them afraid.
    For the LORD of hosts has spoken.
    • Garden
    • Eden
    • Land
    • Property
    Year 2: Agrarianism vs. Industrialism


    Though all the peoples walk
    Each in the name of his god,
    As for us, we will walk
    In the Name of the LORD our God
    forever and ever.
    In that day, saith the LORD
           will I assemble her that halteth,
    and I will gather her that is driven out,
    and her that I have afflicted;
    And I will make her that halted a remnant,
    and her that was cast far off a strong nation:
    and the LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion
    from henceforth, even for ever.
    Year 2:
    Peter Maurin: "Agronomic University"

    Listeners' Questions

    Pete - California
    Do you think recapturing the original interpretation of His-story might be a useful change to the conversation?

    It would be great, of course. What part of "history" were you thinking of? Whose "original interpretation" of history were you thinking of?
    Tony - Seven Springs
    1. How would you commentate/exegete Revelation 21:24-26 where the Scripture speaks of "the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it (i.e. into the new Jerusalem/new heavens and earth, which I take to be the new covenant)? Who are the kings? Is this signifying that civil governments with rulers over nations will continue on? Can you give me some clarification from your worldview?
    I see it as the end of their reign, not the continuation. Verse 23 says:
    "And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof."
    The language of sun, moon, and stars is the language of the fall of political powers. It signifies the end of their autonomous reign and their subservience to the reign of the Lamb. Jesus said those who obey Him are not archists.
    2. From your point of view about the death penalty no longer necessary to be carried out by man, because of Jesus' death, can the same logic be applied to animals no longer being used as a food source. Since animals became a food source after the fall when they were sacrificed as a covering/offering. Now that Christ died and no longer are animals to be sacrificed, should animals still be put to death for consumption? Especially since Isaiah 65:25 reveals that animals will begin to revert back to plant based food. Am I reading into this too much? While killing animals can make atonement, I can't think of any way eating animals would do so (except where specifically required as part of the sacrificial ritual. Daily diet is different.)
    As I recall (without taking time to look anything up) they didn't become a food source until after the Flood.
    I once did a Bible study on this subject and it just about split the church! I got a lot of ideas from Arthur Custance on metabolism, etc. Heard of him? Google custance and "doorway papers" Are you familiar with Jim Jordan? He treats the animals as symbolic of men and the dietary change in animals as symbolic of a change in behavior.
    How do you fit in 1 Timothy 4:3
    "Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth."
    Questions from previous Town Halls:
    Tony - Seven Springs
    What do you think of Ron Paul?

    He's great on paper -- I agree with him on nearly every issue. His stand on the issues against big government has been heroic. He's not as great on TV as a candidate. It sometimes seems to me that he doesn't believe anybody is going to agree with him, and that we're all headed for "the crack-up boom." He seems grumpy. He needs to be more effervescent and inviting, to make liberty more attractive. he does this at pro-Paul rallies, but not in hostile environments.

    I did a little post-broadcast research on Gary Johnson. He is pro-choice and pro-homosexual union. I will not mention him favorably again. Ron Paul is not aggressively pro-life enough to suit me, but he is in the right camp on the issues, and Gary Johnson is not. Abortion and homosexuality are bellwether issues. They tell you a lot about the candidate.

    Tony - Seven Springs
    Should Christians running for office who claim to be Christians, should they be quoting from the Bible more and appealing to God's word as the source of law?
    Some good people would say no (Chuck Colson, David Barton). I say yes. Go ahead, call me a "theocrat." The laws of our Creator are objectively revealed in the Bible so that we don't have to rely on subjective intuitions of "natural law." This point needs to be pressed. The authority of God in the Bible needs to be a matter of public discourse and social consciousness. We need the Christian religion, not secular subjectivism.
    William - Irvine, CA
    Kevin, sorry my wife and I haven't been able to call in lately to your wonderful program sat mornings. we've been going to a protest demonstration at the Fullerton police dept. in asking for justice be done in the murdering of a homeless man kelly thomas by six officers, and tazered 6 times.. the before and after picture of this man is horrible in what they did to him, as his last words were dad,dad, dad.. he had also a little mental problem, but still this was not proper,,, there have been 500 hundred of all kinds of people asking for justice be done.. you can google kellythomasfullertonprotest and see some of this.. praise GOD we so far can stand up to the authorities with some freedom to make a statement.!! Bless you Kevin talk to you soon.. keep up the great work !!!

    Our goal should not be to "protest" the police and other archists, but to bring about repentance on the part of police -- as individuals and as a Department. "Protests" can harden hearts. "Protests" depersonalize: "us-them." Police circle the wagons to protect themselves against the "protesters" without really listening to the issues. Suppose one of the tasering police was your next-door neighbor. Or imagine that you're at the DMV holding #123, and one of the officers is next to you with #124, and they just called #38. How will your conversation go in the next 45 minutes? Will you "protest" or will you engage in a conversation that might lead to repentance?

    Cheri Quillin - Jasper
    I ask, WHICH religion is to be represented by this THEOCRACY? The terms for Deity in the Declaration of Independence (the three times it is mentioned): "Nature's God" "Creator" "Supreme Judge of the World" "Nature's God"? Even pagans worship this aspect of God. "Creator"? All religions that I know of have belief in a "creator". "Supreme Judge of the World"? Any particular religion for this? So, I ask: if the Declaration of Independence is a "theocratic document" - then WHICH RELIGION? By the way, I'm a resident of Jasper County, and I vote. I will NOT SUPPORT ANYONE WHO CO-MINGLES CHURCH AND STATE. I've studied the Holy Roman Empire, and the crusades. I've studied the Muslim theocracies, and I want NO PART of such a thing. LIBERTARIANS avoid such a thing. LIBERTARIANS are for freedoms from undue government influence. You, sir - are no Libertarian.
    Back in 1892, The Supreme Court of the United States declared that America is a Christian nation. The Court cited the Declaration of Independence as evidence of this. You say that "pagans" worship a god using terms found in the Declaration of Independence. But clearly, the Framers of the Declaration were Christian, not pagans, and intended the Christian God, not a pagan god. You say "all religions" believe in a creator. But none of these religions were represented in Philadelphia during the Framing of the Declaration or the Constitution. (Leaving alone the fact that many religions, like Buddhism, do not believe in god or a creator.) The question, "Which religion," is obvious to any intelligent observer, as the Supreme Court noted.

    I too would not support anyone who co-mingles church and state. I would only support someone who wants to abolish church and state. I am the only such candidate that I know of.

    No Christian I know of supports the crusades, although because they were marginally Christian, the Christian crusades were less genocidal than atheist crusades in our day.

    I too want no part of a Muslim theocracy, which is quite different from a Christian Theocracy.

    "Freedom from undue government influence" is not enough for me. For me, all government influence is "undue." If I am not a Libertarian, it is because I am an anarchist, and advocate the complete abolition of "the government" and its oppressive influence.

    See also Robert Kirk's question, below.

    Drew - St. Louis
    You are nucking futz. What version of the Bible uses the word Archist? Or did you pull that rancid catfish out of your nethers?
    "Drew" obviously went to a government-run school. Click here to look at the Greek text of Mark 10:42-45. The Greek word arcein in verse 42 is the word from which we get the English word "anarchist." The word "anarchist" means "not" an "archist." We don't often think about the literal meaning of the word "anarchist." (And "Drew" probably doesn't think very much at all. Maybe this will get him started!)

    "Drew" may have fallen for The Biggest Government Lie in the History of the World.

    fair tax
    Robert Kirk - USA
    If you want to live in a theocracy, why don't you move to Iran or some similar country. You have no place in this country when you try to impose your religion on the rest of us.
    Thanks for visiting and paying enough attention to notice that I use the word "Theocracy."
    � I don't want to move to Iran because I want to live in a Christian Theocracy like America, not a Muslim theocracy.
    � I am not an archist, that is, someone who is willing to "impose" his will on others by initiating force or threatening violence against those I cannot persuade.
    � Do those who believe in the religion of Secular Humanism have a place in the U.S. to make all laws conform to their secular religion? They have done this.
    Every "law" is the imposition of someone's religion.
    � The word "Theocracy" literally means "God rules," or looked at from the other direction, a nation "under God."
    � If I try to pass a law requiring public schools to teach students that the Declaration of Independence is really true, people like you will accuse me of trying to "impose a theocracy" on the U.S. That assures me that every single person who signed the U.S. Constitution would agree with me that we ought to make America a libertarian "Christian Theocracy." They did.
    Carol - Orange, Ca
    Debt, debt, debt----No one takes the Law of God seriously, so we are drowning in DEBT. Proverbs 22:7--The borrower is the servant (slave) of the lender. IMHO in this verse is a succinct summation of our whole problem. Among the many verses that speak against debt living, these two in the NT speak especially strongly against this practice of living on our home loans and credit and debit cards---I Cor. 6:10---For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit; and I Cor. 7:23--You are bought with a price; be not the servants of men. Are we Christians? Do we read the WORD OF GOD, folks?? We are literally sinking, second by second into a sea of a quadrillion dollars of bad debts. You say, "I never borrowed anything like that amount of money." Ah, dear citizen and dear Christian, you live on credit and thereby you gave the lender your precious ownership rights, which God says plainly belong to Him! God will not be mocked. We are in serious trouble. Repent, dear Christian!

    What About Borrowing?

    Our paper seems to have been quoted here:


    Tony - Goldsboro, NC
    Is there ever an acceptable time to take out a loan and go into debt?
    In addition to the conclusions above, keep in mind that borrowing from a fractional reserve bank involves violence against others.
    William - California
    Had a question on the phone about the book of Esther.

    Esther appears to record the fulfillment of Ezekiel's famous "Gog and Magog" prophecy:

    Attempts by Jews and Christians to project Esther or Ezekiel into our future are unjustified.

    Jim Means - Branson, MO
    The only benefit I see from our Libyan adventure is a boost to our arms industry which has been slowing with the winding down of Iraqi operations. The War Powers Act has been unconstitutional from its inception. No matter which side we support in the middle east we are supporting people who hate the U.S. It is a no win situation.

    The U.S. is a Warfare/Welfare State

    War Powers Act

    "Terrorism" is "Blowback"

    Jim Means - Branson, MO
    Forbes quote of the day yesterday: "There is no doubt that the real destroyer of the liberties of any people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and largess." If Plutarch could see it in ancient Greece, politicians must recognize it today and do not care about our liberties.
    Liberty is destroyed if these gifts are taken by force, and liberty is destroyed when the recipient becomes dependent upon the redistributor of stolen wealth.
    Jim Means - Branson, MO
    A republican senator from Wisconsin writing in the Wall Street Journal this week claimed that we have the best health care system in the world, that the death rate from prostate cancer is 608% higher in Great Britain, a blatant misstatement of the facts. Britain's death rate from prostate cancer is actually lower than ours. We need to find policies that can make our health care system open to free market solutions that will provide a better solution than national health care run by the government or the insane system we have now.
    All the evidence I've seen indicates that under British, Canadian, and other socialist healthcare systems, people are not allowed to seek testing/diagnosis or treatment earlier than the government rationing system allows, and that more die as a result. If I could find a link to the source that claims there are more deaths in the U.S., I would interact with it.

    Health Care

    Jim Means - Branson, MO
    The life expectancy in Afghanistan is 36 years one of the lowest in the world. We are contributing to the low life expectancy as we continue to kill Afghans.
    Life expectancy is higher in Christian nations. Violence is lower, health is higher.

    Edge: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE By Steven Pinker
    Debunks the idea that humans are peaceable by nature and corrupted by modern institutions. Pinker doesn't say it, but humans by nature want to be their own god, and this violent tendency needs to be restrained by institutions created by the Gospel: family, school, employment, charity, etc.

    Jim Means - Branson, MO
    The Muslim says: I worship the God of Abraham. I never miss any of my five daily prayers. My lips never touch alcohol. I am faithful to my four wives. I have memorized the holy Quran. A so-called Christian who seldom goes to church, tolerates alcohol consumption, has sex outside of marriage, knows no more than a few verses of his scriptures, and worships the fraudulent son of our god who is complete within himself and needs no sons or holy ghosts to carry out his will dares to call mine a "false" religion?
    Many muslims are more dedicated than many who call themselves Christians, no doubt. A true Christian and a true American is an "extremist."

    The last portion of this comments sounds like unitarianism. The Bible teaches Trinitarianism.

    The "Supreme Judge of the World" mentioned in the Declaration of Independence is Jesus Christ, according to the Jefferson Bible. If Jesus really said these things (as Jefferson apparently believes He did) then he was insane if He is not really God. He was nuts to allow the Jews to crucify Him for claiming to be God if He was not really God. Taken as a whole, the Bible claims that Jesus was Divine, as well as the Holy Spirit.

    This belief has been the foundation of liberty in the Western World.

    America's Founders -- even John Adams, sometimes called a "unitarian" -- endorsed and promoted Trinitarianism, as part of America's True Religion.

    William -- via the phone: "Islamophobia"
    See platform statements on
    � "National Security"
    William -- via the phone: Unions: Government-Buttressed Violence
    Jim Means - Walnut Shade
    Eliminate all those departments and add thousands to the unemployment lines. This is not going to help our Libertarian image in the eyes of the general public as uncaring, selfish individuals.
    (1) USPS employees will be employed by FedEx, UPS, etc.
    (2) Government waste can be invested in new jobs and increased productivity.
    (3) This increased productivity = lower prices and a higher standard of living, even if postal employees have leaner, more competitive wages than they had in government.

    It is selfish of government employees to use force to protect their uncompetitive job. They advance their own short-term interests at the expense of others and even at the expense of their own long-term prosperity and that of their children. 

    Allow the USPS, a separate corporation not a government department to close unnecessary post offices, limit hours and otherwise streamline their services and UPS, FedEx and other private services would have a hard time competing. Correct. It's hard to compete with a government agency that gets to cut services and still charge the same amount. Competitive business in the Free Market can't get away with that.
    Parkinson's Law is at work in large corporations as well as government bureaus. At least the corporations can scale back in tough times. That has produced our current high unemployment and slow recovery as the corporations enjoy higher profits and their unnecessary employees take our taxes in unemployment benefits "scaling back" is a very good thing; exactly what needs to take place. Government has been printing up new money and giving it to special-interest businesses, which percolates throughout the economy, creating an artificial "boom." All these false investments need to be liquidated, as they do not reflect real consumer preferences. Government-created employment needs to be replaced with high unemployment, followed by consumer-created employment.
    The CIA claims ten percent of Egyptians are Christian, 10% of them, Coptic.  
    Christians were underground in a hostile nation until the conversion of the emperor Constantine.
    Then with government and the church in partnership, political power corrupted the church.
    See more on Constantine below
    I'm talking the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and its eventual domination by demonic forces Actually, the demonic domination of churches -- like the Church in Rome, the Church in Ephesus, the Church in Corinth, etc., -- is not as great today as it was in the last days of the Old Covenant.
    william of irvine - irvine california
    kevin, as the bible is our main book, what other books would you recommend to read for spiritual, political and health issues?

    See the Reading chart above


    I'd like to add a bit to last week's answer. I believe the most pressing priority is not reading other books "for spiritual, political and health issues," but to build the foundation.

    Ecclesiastes 12:12
    And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh.

    The majority of our time needs to be on the foundations, including volunteer work mentoring those who did not or do not have families that reliably build foundations:

    Deuteronomy 6:6-13
    7 and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down and when thou risest up.
    10"And it shall be, when the L
    ORD thy God shall have brought thee into the land which He swore unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities which thou built not,  
     11and houses full of all good things which thou filled not, and wells dug which thou dug not, vineyards and olive trees which thou planted not, when thou shalt have eaten and be full,   
     12then beware lest thou forget the L
    ORD who brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.   

    This is exactly where we are today. Because the foundations have been ripped out of public schools, we have forgotten God, and are ready to be dropped in the lap of a new Pharaoh.

    The next verse is interesting, because it seems like a change of subject, but it's not really:

     13Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God, and serve Him, and shalt swear by His name.

    Our politicians do not take their oaths in the name of God, and they break them. Oaths are a reflection of foundations, of worldview. We should avoid getting lost in detail, and missing the big picture.

    sir william - irvine,calif.
    how do we get our church away from dispensational thinking and the likes of c s scofield ,hal lindsey so on,,what question should we ask them to get them to think
    You must take them by the hand and walk a mile with them. Weeks and weeks of Bible studies. - also here

    Sandra - Irvine
    So for me to be an optimist I must be a responsibalist � to respond to the ability god has given me�do I understand you?
    cariie miller - st louis mo
    are you that unamerician that you want to change constition letst change the free speech that you hide behine youre just un speakable in your ideas
    Every single person who signed the Constitution would agree that the Constitution should be repealed and the government it created should be abolished. If that isn't obvious to you, by comparing the Bush-Obama regime against the Declaration of Independence, then you're a victim of educational malpractice, and you're just not a very good American.
    carrie miller - st louis mo
    are you un educated or just stupid
    If you would like to become an extraordinary American, enroll in GeorgeWashingtonCoaching.
    The invisible hand seems to have given us a situation where nearly all new business development is based on the distribution and sale of goods produced on foreign soil. It will be a while before we need any new construction as the nation is full of empty residential and commercial buildings. Where is the hope for near term employment increase?
    Free Trade:
    Globalization: The Long-Run Big Picture - George Reisman
    Lynn - Ozark
    pretty clear to me the passport change is for the homosexual adoptions they have been pushing.
    "Hello Parent One? This is Child Two."
    State Dept. Changes Passport Forms
    Asking for parent one and parent two on the passport application must make the children in single parent households feel inadequate. The question needs to be eliminated and the information, if necessary, can be taken from the applicant's birth certificate that must be sent with the application.
    Abolish Passports

    Abolish Borders:
    Globalization: The Long-Run Big Picture - George Reisman

    Carol - California
    GATES What is the significance of the gates in eg. Prov. 31:23 and 31. Is the idea here something that would be a goal of FAMILY homeschooling. Should FATHERS aspire to be known in the gates. Should Fathers and Mothers be teaching their SONS to be known in the gates? In this sense, is it constructive to understand further what it means to be KNOWN IN THE GATES?

    Deuteronomy 6:1-9
    Education is a matter of time.
    Gary North: Social Overhead Capital -- Intensive Service

    Jim - Walnut Shade
    That sounds like the mullah's stance that Jesus or an imam is coming back to unite the world under Shari'a and bring eternal peace to a Muslim world.
    The Bible does not teach that Jesus is "coming again soon." But the Bible does teach that Jesus came at the first Christmas to create a "New World Order." Atheists, Christians, and Muslims all agree on the necessity for a world order.

    Islam is an imitation of Christianity. True Christianity does not teach that Christ will bring peace at a future coming, but that already is the Prince of Peace, and that Christians are priests and kings who should implement His Reign in the world today.

    The "United Nations" is the secular equivalent of the Christian and Islamic ideal of world order.

    The true Christian conception of world order is not a global police state, or a global priest-state, but global Anarcho-Theocracy.

    Carol - ORANGE, CA
    Kevin -- Could you discuss what Romans 13 means when it says that rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. This in the light of what you have said about the evil of governments.

    God "ordains" and "sanctifies" EVIL dictators and tyrants "for our good."

    Jim - Walnut Shade
    Islam is ready to kill every infidel. If we do not resist, how will Christianity survive?
    "Resist the devil." But by evangelism and service, not by violence. The idea of America as a City upon a Hill is not one of a global empire, but of a missionary nation, setting an example.
    Jim - Walnut Shade
    The Holy Roman Empire made Rome the capitol of the Christian world. After Constantine they thought they were a Christian nation.
    Defending Constantine: The Twilight of an Empire and the Dawn of Christendom

    "Theocracy" and "globalism" are inescapable concepts. Every government is a "theocracy." Every government is the forcible legislation of somebody's morality. The source of that morality is the "god" of the society. In a Secular Humanist theocracy, every man is his own god, but the State or Party claims to embody the "general will."

    Every theocracy seek global dominion. Obviously atheistic communism sought international hegemony. So does the atheistic "New World Order" of the Bush-Obama regime.

    If Christians do not seek a global theocracy, they will be brought under tribute to the theocracy of another religion. A truly Christian Theocracy is an "Anarcho-Theocracy."

    Carol in California:
    Everybody: Read Ezekiel 33. What do you think about the call to be a WATCHMAN? In what context did this call come? What were the main subjects being discussed in those chapters? What activities and practices and persons were being condemned? Does this OT call apply to our lives, culture, churches, government,etc.? Does this Watchman idea relate to your campaign of LIBERTY UNDER GOD? How? What are crucial lessons here?
    Ezekiel 33 - NKJV
    The "watchman" was to "warn the wicked of his way to turn from it" (v. 9), not just to say, "the sword is coming!" and encourage pre-emptive military strikes or "survivalism."

    Ezekiel 33 - Matthew Henry's Commentary
    the passage is not just concerned with "personal piety."

    God Sends Evil! - Why Calvinists are Anarchists

    A very disapointed citizen - Jamestown,NY
    Are you a joke? Really?! Your trying to discriminate against and entire nation of people such a homosexuals i hope you know the thing you're saying a litrally brining thousands of people to tears and mabey most of the united states of american is apart of the christian community there are others out there
    No Name, No City
    You are obviously NOT an anarchist...or are you confused?
    I am not an "archist."

    Just Another Name for Anarchism?

    Nicole Trujillo - Clever
    what relationship do you see America having with Israel?
    It depends on how you define "America." The federal government of the United States should have no relationship with Israel other than necessary treaties which the Constitution authorizes. No foreign aid to Israel from the federal government (and no foreign aid to anti-Israeli Muslim nations either). In short, "no entangling alliances."
    Voter - Branson
    Kevin, I agree with many of the stances on your website. However, I cannot find much information about you as a person. Can you please tell us about yourself? Also, according to your position for fewer taxes and less spending, Congressmen would have to be willing to sacrifice tax-rendered compensation for the public good. Can you convince us that your own personal financial situation would not create a conflict of interest when it came to choosing between the public's needs and your own needs?
    1. Some personal info is found here at the bottom of the page.
    2. A whole lot more is here.
    3. More important than who I am, is who I strive to be. See here.

    4. My personal financial situation is living in poverty. If elected, I would stage "money bombs" and other programs to raise money to make sure that -- just as environmentalists worry about "carbon footprints" -- I would not leave a "taxpayer footprint" in my wake. In other words, as much as possible, I would not compel taxpayers to pay for my presence in Washington D.C. This means following Ron Paul's practice of returning the bulk of the allocated money for Congressional Staff. It doesn't take a large staff to follow the Constitution, only to meet and deal with lobbyists. There will be none of that in my office. I have formed a non-profit organization to do the work of spreading the vision of "Vine & Fig Tree," and I would work through that organization to accomplish my goals, and not use extortion to raise money from taxpayers.

    My question is what is your stance on Abortion?
    Abortion is murder.
    Controlling Abortion
    Congressman Ron Paul on Abortion
    The 14th Amendment
    Ronald Reagan on Abortion - KevinCraig's blog

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    Kevin Craig's Platform:

    What Would America's Founding Fathers Do?

           The men who signed a Declaration of Independence against tyranny would not be happy with today's government - a government more tyrannical than any they could have imagined.
           The men who threw tea into the Boston Harbor over a tax of 3 pence per pound would not be happy with a tax ten times greater on every gallon of gas.
           Those who took up muskets over a total tax burden of less than 3% would not be happy with the fact that the federal government now takes more than half of everything you earn.
           Today it is illegal for public school teachers to teach their students that the Declaration of Independence is really true (and not just an outdated historical document). The federal government is clearly at war with everything the Founding Fathers stood for.

    America's greatest Americans would abolish today's federal government.

    Muskets are Not an Option

    There are two reasons why we should not take up arms to pull off the violent overthrow of the federal government, even if America's Founders would surely do so. First, the feds have nukes. Second, violent revolution is unChristian and unBiblical. We must beat our swords into plowshares and use persuasion to abolish tyranny. This is time for a revolution of ideas.

    Revolution Won't Come in a Day

    John Adams once wrote that the American Revolution began in 1761, when Massachusetts attorney James Otis began legal challenges to the Writs of Assistance. He lost the case, but "American independence," Adams wrote, "was then and there born." Now do the math. That means it took 15 years to convince the rest of America to declare Independence (1776). Then another seven years of war was required before a Peace Treaty was signed (1783), and then six years before the Constitution was finally ratified (1789). That's almost 30 years. (And Jefferson said we shouldn't go 20 years without another rebellion!) How can we hope to convince Americans to fight for principles they were never taught in government schools? We need to be in this battle for the long term. "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."

    George Washington has been criticized for owning slaves -- even though he inherited them, and even though it was illegal for him to free them (when Virginia tried passing laws against slavery, the King of Britain overruled them). But being a slave in a Christian nation is better than being "free" in an atheistic nation.

    In the Soviet Union, workers on the collective farms were allowed a small plot of land to grow what they wanted, and sell for whatever they could get. These small plots of capitalism saved the entire nation from starvation. "Two percent of privately owned Soviet farmland was producing fully 30 percent of the country�s grain."

    Today's Secular America is like the atheistic Soviet Union. The government claims ownership of more than 2/3 of everything you earn. The majority of industry is regulated by the State. Yet the small amount of freedom left to us provides us with iPods, big-screen TV, microwaves, and info-tainment. We think we are wealthy. But we are not free.

    In America, the percentage of privately-owned property -- truly and securely owned -- is not much different from the percentage in the Soviet Union. George Washington's ideal was for every American to live peacefully under his own "Vine & Fig Tree." This was the original "American Dream." Today's "American Dream" is a fixed-rate mortgage. The bank actually owns your home. This is a form of slavery, as anyone who signed the Constitution would tell you. Even if you pay off your mortgage, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the government can take your home and give it to someone else who might use your property differently and pay more taxes to the government than you do.

    Consider the challenge of Samuel Adams.

    Americans today love "wealth" (if "gangsta-rap cell-phone ring-tones" can be considered "wealth") better than liberty and personal responsibility. Because Americans have been denied the three most important features of colonial schools in America, they are ignorant and illiterate -- like slaves.

    Samuel Adams, speaking at the State House in Philadelphia, �to a very numerous audience� on August 1, 1776:

    �If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquillity of servitude more than
    the animating contest of freedom

    go from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains sit lightly upon you, and
    may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!

    If you are an ordinary American, you are a pampered slave. You are wealthy beyond the imagination of anyone alive in 1776. But you would rather keep the remote control of your TV than risk it by fighting for liberty and personal responsibility.

    Every great athlete has a coach.
    If you want to be a great American you need a coach.
    If you want to achieve great things for your country, you need a coach.
    Imagine what you could do if George Washington, "the Father of his Country,"
    could travel through time and be your personal coach.
    The results could be extraordinary.

    Find out why you need a personal coach, and why is the foundation for an extraordinary life.

    We win the race by overcoming the biggest obstacles.
    Who are the Big Enemies? What are the Big Issues?
    Martin Luther said:
    If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battlefield besides is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.
    Do you know what the Big Issues are? Do you know how to fight them?

    Full Informed Jury Association Obama Body Count The X2012 Project
      Iraq Deaths Estimator US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush. Click here to learn more.  

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    No Bailouts!
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    TWIC - A Backdoor Real ID Card
    Repeal the campaign finance laws Repeal the campaign finance laws
    Campaign finance laws are really incumbent protection laws. They make it almost impossible for challengers to raise competitive funding, while doing almost nothing to control the true causes of government corruption. We were told that the campaign finance laws�the contribution limits and the reporting requirements�would curtail or even prevent corruption. Now, with 40 years of experience, we know that they do the exact opposite.
    End Asset Forfeiture
    If the government suspects you used your house or car in a crime, they can take it and sell it at auction. They don't even have to prove your guilt. They call this practice civil asset forfeiture, but it's really theft. It violates the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 14th Amendments. It also encourages law enforcement to put profits before justice. Tell Congress to end civil asset forfeiture.
    End Asset Forfeiture

    Cap-and-trade is not the way to control carbon emissions.

    Cap-and-trade is not the way to control carbon emissions.
    Even if you accept that human CO2 emissions are causing problematic global warming, a government run "cap and trade" system is not the way to deal with this problem.
    � An increase in your electricity and gasoline bills
    � New tools for politicians to control the economy, hand out favors, and punish enemies
    � Almost no improvement in reducing overall CO-2 emissions (if the example of Europe is a reliable guide) Learn more �

    Make Congress read every word of every bill they create before they vote on it.
    Urge your Representative and your Senators to sponsor's �Read the Bills Act� (RTBA).

    Unelected bureaucrats create tens-of-thousands of new dictates each year. Making rules is the job of Congress, not bureaucrats. has drafted the �Write the Laws Act� to end bureaucratic �legislation without representation.� Click here . . .

    Restore consumer controlled health care

    Restore consumer controlled health care
    The politicians tell us free market health care doesn't work, but we haven't had a free market in decades.
    � Starting with depression era wage and price controls, and continuing with government tax policies, the politicians have made Americans dependent on their jobs to get health insurance.
    � The government already pays for nearly half of all health care. This means we're half-socialized already
     Learn more �

    Stop the War for Terror
    U.S. policy has inflamed the Middle East. It has made terrorism more likely rather than less. We seem to be fighting a war for terror, rather than on terror. This policy must stop. The place to start stopping is with Iran. We must not attack Iran. War with Iran would devastate our economy, disrupt world oil supplies, and recruit more terrorists. Click here to stop this war before it starts.

    Strike at the Root

    Preserve the Freedom to Farm

    Preserve the Freedom to Farm
    Crops grow in dirt. Animals don't take showers or use toilets. Food is made from yucky stuff.
    This means there's always a risk of contamination. We can reduce this risk, but not eliminate it. Attempts to make everything perfectly safe are Utopian fantasies that carry a high price in increased costs, reduced variety, diminished supply, and . . . increased risk.
    The free market already provides you with multiple ways to balance risks and costs.
    Learn more �


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