Missouri's 7th District, U.S. House of Representatives




Kevin Craig
the Libertarian Party Candidate
for the U.S. House of Representatives from Southwest Missouri
is the only candidate
Uncompromisingly Committed
to the ideal of

Liberty Under God

Liberty Under God is the philosophy that made America
the most prosperous and most admired nation in history.
America is now bankrupt and despised even by former admirers.
Only one candidate for U.S. Congress would get the vote of America's Founding Fathers.
Your vote for KEVIN CRAIG shows you put America ahead of the two-party monopoly.

A Special Message for Democrats:
There is no Democrat in this Race
But there is a progressive alternative
Click here to find out why you should vote for
Liberty Under God

From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?
In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.
-- President Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address

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• Our Liberties

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• The Northwest Ordinance

• The Bush Bailout

• Peace

• Medical Marijuana

• “The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God”

• The Banking Crisis

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• Freedom to take Vitamins 

• The Ten Commandments

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• U.S Security Strategy

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• Government's Duty “to acknowledge God

• What's Wrong with Inequality?

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• Mental Illness

• “A Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence”

• Let them Fail

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• The Christian Roots of Education in America

• Government Caused the Great Depression

• Strategic Nuclear Forces and Missile Defense

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• Monetary Policy

• Exiting the Balkan Morass

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• Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan: The U.S./Islamic-Oil Connection

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• Free Exercise of Religion & The First Amendment

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• Did They Die in Vain? 

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• Jill Lepore and the Myth of “the Separation of Church and State”




• Fundamentalism




• Western Civilization is Christian Civilization




• False Religions




• Statism - The Worship of “the State”




• Politics as Salvation



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The Blog:
frequently updating Kevin Craig's campaign platform with applications to late-breaking news and current events.

The Ozarks Virtual Town Hall
Every Saturday morning at 10:30 am, we assemble in a virtual Town Hall -- a LIVE Internet Webcast -- to listen to the President's Saturday Morning Radio Address, and the compare that with the principle of "Liberty Under God"

Lunch with the Candidate
Have lunch with Congressional Candidate Kevin Craig. At home or in your office, enjoy a "virtual" lunch through a live webcast. Let's talk about how we can bring real change to America.  

Would you like the Federal Debt to be cut by just 25’?

The Republicans and Democrats haven't lowered the national debt since 1957.

Is there any rational basis for believing they will do it in 2017?

Not unless you send a CLEAR MESSAGE to the Two Party Monopoly by voting Libertarian on November 8, 2016.

Kevin Craig wants to cut a trillion dollars from federal spending -- like the Republicans have promised to do since 1996.

Politics is a tug-of-war. With 430+ members of Congress pulling for more federal spending, it will be a miracle if a lone Libertarian in Congress can get 25 cents cut.

A Tale of Two Trains

When you step into the voting booth on November 8, 2016, you are stepping into a train station, and boarding one of two trains.

There are THREE candidates in the race, but there are only TWO trains.

One train is headed toward bigger and bigger government.
It has been going in this direction for decades. It cannot turn around.
The train is called "SECURITY UNDER MAN."
It has two cars: the "Republican" car and the "Democrat" car.
You can choose your favorite car, but the train is going in the same direction:
     • MORE TAXES,
          -- and the illusion of "security."

The other train is headed in the opposite direction.
It has only one car: "LIBERTY UNDER GOD."
(There might be another train in two years, called "Liberty Under Man," but without GOD, it won't get where it wants to go.)
Here are the stops along the way, should you vote to board the train "LIBERTY UNDER GOD."
• Privatize the Post Office.
• Abolish the IRS.
• Abolish the Department of Education.
• It's a long journey, with many stops to make.
Our destination on the "LIBERTY UNDER GOD" train has been called
"A City Upon a Hill."

Every two years you have the option of
• staying on the train you're on;
• getting off the train you're on and staying where you are;
• getting on the other train and going the other direction.
• You do not have to stay on this train to the very end.
• But why would you want to get off before we get there?

You are not a Real American
if you do not vote for
Kevin Craig
on November 8, 2016

An audacious claim?

       What is a "Real American?"
       What does America stand for?
       Does America mean anything?
       Or are we all just "Global Citizens" now?
       It's not your fault if you don't know what a Real American is.
       You're probably a victim of Educational Malpractice by our Government schools.
       Take this quick quiz:

In which country does the government prohibit teachers in government-run schools from teaching students that the Declaration of Independence (1776) is really true:
        a. Iran
        b. North Korea
        c. Communist China
        d. The United States
        e. All of the above 
That's correct:
The United States federal government makes it illegal for a school teacher in a government-run school here in Southwest Missouri to teach students that the Declaration of Independence really is true:
• that there really is a God, and His existence is a "self-evident truth"
• that our rights really are the product of intelligent design (not the government)
• that all Americans really are obligated to conform their lives to
          "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"
• that one day our actions really must pass judgment with
          "the Supreme Judge of the world"
• that all Americans should have "a firm reliance on
          the Protection of Divine Providence."
• that Americans have a duty -- not just a right
          -- to abolish any government
          that becomes a tyranny.
That's what America's Birth Certificate -- the Declaration of Independence -- says. The Federal Government says that teachers in local government-operated schools paid for by your local property taxes cannot "endorse" or "promote" these ideas. Students can be taught that a long time ago some dead white males believed the Declaration of Independence was true, but teachers cannot say it really is objectively true today, and that students should stand up and risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in defense of these unchanging true principles. This is the only controversy about Birth Certificates that matters.

So if you don't know what America stands for, "it's not your fault." Here is America in a nutshell:

"Resistance to Tyranny is obedience to God."
 - Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Bradshaw

If the British government in 1776 was a "tyranny," then the federal government of 2014 is a mega-tyranny. Every person who signed the Declaration of Independence would take immediate steps to abolish this tyrannical government. The Constitution was intended to prevent the newly-created federal government from becoming another tyranny. It failed. Every person who signed the Constitution would take immediate steps to repeal the Constitution and abolish the government it created.

Can there be any rational doubt that Real Americans like Samuel Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock would dedicate themselves to abolishing the federal government of 2014?

Are you a Real American?

A real American will never vote for any candidate who would vote to increase government spending, or even to sustain current levels of government spending. All Government spending must be cut, even at risk of, or with the design of, shutting government down.

Probably a majority of voters today are not Real Americans because they want to use the government to confiscate the wealth of others and redistribute it to themselves. Too many Missouri voters want to vote for a candidate who is "smart" enough to take more from the constituents of other Congressmen than the other Congressmen will take from Missourians. This is theft. God will not bless America as long as we are stealing from each other, using the government to do so.

Kevin Craig is the only candidate in the race for Missouri's 7th Congressional seat who is steadfastly committed not only to never increasing taxes or spending, but following the example and principles of America's Founding Fathers, working to abolish the federal government, the greatest enemy of Liberty Under God.

Non-Violent Revolution

Although Kevin Craig believes the federal government is a mega-tyranny that America's Founding Fathers would abolish, he absolutely opposes the use of violence to do so. He does not even approve of the American Revolution and its use of muskets and cannons. The question is not whether Real Americans would abolish the Bush-Obama regime; the only question is how.

Swords into Plowshares

Why do you wince, squirm, or faint at the prospect of abolishing tyranny? Why are you hesitant or reluctant to risk your Life, your Fortune and your sacred Honor at this critical juncture in America's history? Why do you not abhor tyranny as much as America's Founding Fathers? Could it be because you don't really love

Liberty Under God?

Could it be that you are a slave?

Too many Americans today enjoy what Samuel Adams called "a state of tranquillity, wealth, and luxury." He said:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom—go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!

"Chains?" What chains? Are we not free? Don't the terrorists hate us for our liberty?

America's Founders spoke of "Taxation Without Representation." Our taxes are 20-30 times greater than the Tea Tax, the Stamp Act, and all other British taxes combined. Was America's white-hot opposition to the Wall Street Bailout in 2008 and Obamacare in 2010 represented in Washington? Completely ignored.

But we have "gangsta-rap ringtones" for our cell-phones, "American Idol," 3-D movies, and government-guaranteed security. The government takes two-thirds of everything you earn, but you're easily entertained with ESPN in HD. America's Founders would say you are a slave. A pampered slave.

Before you are capable of risking your Life, your Fortune and your sacred Honor to abolish tyranny, you must LOVE LIBERTY. Like George Washington, you must yearn with all your heart for a world where everyone dwells safely under his own Vine & Fig Tree.

Kevin Craig, Libertarian candidate for US Congress from Missouri
interviewed in Springfield, MO March 2008 for "Missouri Viewpoints"

Are you a true-blue American?

Or is your allegiance to a certain political party
greater than your loyalty to your country?

True-Blue Americans like John Hancock, Sam Adams, and Paul Revere threw tea into the Boston Harbor because the British government imposed a tax of 3 pence per pound of tea (5’ US). Today's politicians impose a tax of TEN TIMES that amount on every gallon of gas. True-blue Americans abolished a government they called a "tyranny" -- a government only one-tenth as tyrannical as the government we have today.

Would you have joined America's Founding Fathers?

Your Choices:
• Candidate A says "You should be paying 20% more taxes."
• Candidate B says "I will only raise your taxes 10%!"
• Candidate C says "Slashing taxes by 50% is not enough!"

Which candidate would Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Thomas Jefferson vote for?

More than half of everything you earn is now being taken by the government. (God Himself demands only a tithe [10%].)

Your Loyalty:
In his "Farewell Address," George Washington warned against excessive allegiance to any political party:
Let me now . . . warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party. . . . The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrict it. It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another . . . . In governments purely elective, it [the spirit of party] is a spirit not to be encouraged.
Too many Americans won't risk their vote on the best candidate; they think they have to be loyal to "their" party, or vote for "the lesser of two evils." Or they want to vote for the same candidate everyone else is going to vote for (the "winner").
You're wasting your vote if you vote for someone who's going to win the election even if you stay home. Use your vote to send a strong message.

If your allegiance to America is greater than
your allegiance to any political party,
you will vote for
Kevin Craig for U.S. Congress

The difference between Kevin Craig on the one hand, and the Republican and Democrat on the other hand, could not be clearer. Kevin Craig is committed to being the candidate America's Founding Fathers would vote for if they were alive in 2014. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution would cast their vote for Kevin Craig. Let that be your standard when you go to the polls. The Signers of the Declaration of Independence risked "our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor" in defense of their dreams. Let that be your example. You must be willing to "waste your vote." A vote for Kevin Craig is not a vote for "the winner," but a vote for either of the two major party candidates is a vote lost in an ocean of votes against "Liberty Under God." America's Founding Fathers would say that America has become an atheistic tyranny, and they would blame politicians like our outgoing Congressman and the two candidates who want to follow in his steps.

The Blog:
frequently updating Kevin Craig's campaign platform with applications to late-breaking news and current events.

The Ozarks Virtual Town Hall
Every Saturday morning at 10:30 am, we assemble in a virtual Town Hall -- a LIVE Internet Webcast -- to listen to the President's Saturday Morning Radio Address, and the compare that with the principle of "Liberty Under God"

Lunch with the Candidate
Have lunch with Congressional Candidate Kevin Craig. At home or in your office, enjoy a "virtual" lunch through a live webcast. Let's talk about how we can bring real change to America.  

Kevin Craig, Libertarian candidate for Missouri's 7th District Congressional seat
speaks at the Jasper County Farm Bureau "Meet the Candidates," Carthage, MO | July 28, 2008.

What are you thinking when you cast your vote?

  • "I always vote for a particular political party, regardless of the character of the candidate and what he stands for."

  • "I always vote for the one labeled "incumbent" regardless of what he has actually done for America."

  • "I always vote for the candidate that the polls say will be the likely 'winner,' because I don't want to tell my friends that I voted for a 'loser.'"

  • "I vote for the candidate that has the best chance of beating the candidate I really don't want to get elected."

  • "I vote for the candidate that promises to give me more of other people's money."

May I be frank?

Those are really stupid reasons for voting for someone. Those are un-American reasons for voting for someone. Think about what it is that made America the most prosperous and admired nation in history. Here's a hint:


These men were better educated, wiser, harder working, and more Godly than 99% of all politicians today. They did not trust people with political power; they believed in "Liberty Under God." Don't just vote for a political party; don't waste your vote by just trying to cancel out your neighbor's vote, or adding your vote to a candidate everyone knows is going to win whether you vote or not. Think along these lines:

  • "Since every politician has to take an oath to 'support the Constitution,' I try to imagine who the Signers of the Constitution would vote for, and I vote for that candidate."

The Slogan:
Liberty Under God is the political philosophy that made America the most prosperous and most admired nation in the world. This is the foundation upon which the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were erected. In our day, school teachers in government-run schools are prohibited from teaching their students that the Declaration of Independence really is true.

The Candidate:
Kevin Craig is the only candidate in the race for Missouri's 7th Congressional District who adheres to this philosophy without reservation or compromise. For Kevin Craig, Liberty Under God is not just a slogan, it's a worldview.
The Voter:
You have to ask yourself:
1. "What do I want?"
2. "How can I get it?"
If you want a fantasy world of something-for-nothing, just continue trusting in today's politicians, who will promise you anything. You will end up with nothing, but at least you didn't have to work for it.
If you want a world of Liberty Under God -- of freedom to work, succeed, enjoy private property, and give thanks to God, you really have only one choice in this election:

Kevin Craig

“A libertarian is a person who believes that no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, or to advocate or delegate its initiation. Those who act consistently with this principle are libertarians, whether they realize it or not. Those who fail to act consistently with it are not libertarians, regardless of what they may claim.”

L. Neil Smith


Kevin Craig supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope or power of government at any level or for any purpose.

Under God

The United States Federal Government is in our day the greatest obstacle to self-government and "Liberty Under God." If you think your Congressman can create a federal program to move America one step toward "Liberty Under God," you're forgetting about all the other federal programs that take us three steps back.

“I will vote small government. Every issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.”

I will actively and ambitiously initiate and support actions to make government small.

Specifically, I promise:

  1. I will sponsor, advance, and vote for bills and legislation to shrink the size, power, spending, taxes, debt, and liability of today's Big Government.
  2. I will introduce, support, and vote only for government budgets that are smaller than this year's budget.
  3. I will vote against every government budget that spends the same amount or more than this year's budget.
  4. I will introduce and vote for legislation that repeals or reduces today's Big Government Programs.
  5. I will vote against all new or expanded government programs, all tax increases, and any new debt.
  6. I will vote against any bill that I have not read and thought through.
  7. No communication from me, my representatives, or my staff will contradict or violate the Small Government Pledge for Candidates.
  8. I will endorse and support only candidates who take the Small Government Pledge or whose promises and actions are consistent with the Small Government Pledge. I will never support, directly or indirectly, a Big Government candidate, politician, or proposal.
  9. I will be accountable to voters. Upon request, I will make public every vote I cast while in office.
The first spending cut we should make is to abolish the Department of Education and return education to parents, allowing them to send their children to schools where it is not "unconstitutional" to teach the "self-evident truths" of the Declaration of Independence.
The First 30 Days of "Liberty Under God"
The Second 30 Days of "Liberty Under God"
(Suggestions by Lew Rockwell)
Kevin Craig's Suggested Program
"I will follow the advice of James Madison, 'the Father of the Constitution,' and vote against any bill if

the policy of the bill is adverse to the diffusion of the light of Christianity. The first wish of those who enjoy this precious gift, ought to be that it may be imparted to the whole race of mankind. Compare the number of those who have as yet received it with the number still remaining under the dominion of false Religions; and how small is the former! Does the policy of the Bill tend to lessen the disproportion? No; it at once discourages those who are strangers to the light of (revelation) from coming into the Region of it; and countenances, by example the nations who continue in darkness, in shutting out those who might convey it to them. Instead of levelling as far as possible, every obstacle to the victorious progress of truth, the Bill with an ignoble and unchristian timidity would circumscribe it, with a wall of defence, against the encroachments of error.

The commander-in-chief directs that divine service be performed every Sunday at eleven o'clock in those brigades [in] which there are chaplains; those which have none [are] to attend the places of worship nearest to them. It is expected that officers of all ranks will by their attendance set an example to their men. While we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion. To the distinguished character of patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian. The signal instances of providential goodness which we have experienced, and which have now almost crowned our labors with complete success, demand from us in a peculiar manner the warmest returns of gratitude and piety to the Supreme Author of all good.
— George Washington, General Orders, May 2, 1778

True religion cannot be advanced through the use of government coercion, confiscation of property, or deprivation of life or liberty.

All unconstitutional federal programs -- about 99% of the federal government's budget -- should be abolished. Even constitutional programs, such as the Post Office, should also be abolished, and capitalistic entrepreneurs allowed to compete with each other to provide needed services to the American public. All needed social services can be provided faster, cheaper, with higher quality, to more people, by capitalism ("the Free Market" - "Free Enterprise") than by socialism in any form.

The Republican Party has represented Missouri's 7th Congressional district since 1961, and has yet to show any meaningful progress in abolishing even the most outrageously unconstitutional, wasteful, and socially harmful government programs. In fact, the GOP consistently votes to give wasteful government programs even more of your money. Republicans under George W. Bush appropriated twice as much of your money to the unconstitutional Education bureaucracy as Bill Clinton did.

Politics is a tug-of war

between those who want
your money and more power

and those who want you
to keep your own money

If you really want smaller government, you need the strongest, most passionate defender for smaller government pulling on your side of the rope. Vote for Kevin Craig, who pulls the rope to abolish all government programs, and keep voting for Kevin Craig until you feel all unconstitutional, wasteful, and socially harmful government programs have been abolished. Then vote for someone else who will keep all remaining government programs you want to keep. Your vote for Congress only lasts two years. Then it's time to vote again.

Back to the Past, Ahead to the Future

Many Americans say they would like to go back to "the good ol' days." But that's not enough. If you come to a fork in the road and you take the wrong exit, going back to the fork in the road is not enough, no matter how difficult that journey may be. You must be willing to fill up the tank one more time and continue making progress along the right path. Once we abolish numerous unconstitutional government bureaucracies and get back to the ideal of "Liberty Under God," we must be prepared to go beyond that into the future.

We've made great progress. The poor in America enjoy a standard of living many times greater than that which prevailed in 1776. The vast majority of people classified as "poor" have televisions, cars, central heating, and are wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of America's Founding Fathers. Immigrants have come to America with pennies and worked and saved millions. Why are we so much better off than we were 200 years ago? Government programs? or inventors, entrepreneurs and capitalists benefiting from a Free Market? How much better will our grandchildren be if we are consistent with the ideal that made America great: How might "Liberty Under God" shape the next century?

Get ready to challenge your vision of the future . . . .

The Only Politician You Can Trust
is a
"Radical Anarchist Extremist"

Now that I have your attention,
I'd like to Revolutionize your thinking.

Radical Anarchist Extremist
You've been trained to think a "radical" is a dangerous, subversive, counter-cultural hippie. The word "radical" comes from the Latin for "roots." What are America's roots? Here they are in three words:

Liberty Under God

We need to get back to these roots. Liberty Under God is a truly radical agenda, one opposed by both "secular progressives" on the "left" and "neoconservatives" on the "right."

You've been trained to think an "anarchist" is a bomb-throwing assassin who foments chaos and disorder and denies the ideal of private property. In Mark's Gospel (10:42-45) Jesus says kings love to be "archists" (the Greek word from which the English word "anarchist" is derived) but followers of Christ are not to be such. If you are not to be an "archist," that makes you an "anarchist." It is in fact "archists" who drop the most bombs, confiscate the most private property, and create the most chaos and disorder. According to Jesus, the opposite of an "archist" is a Godly servant. You've been trained to think an "extremist" is a hate-mongering bigot, irrational and prone to violence. But why cannot one be extremely loving, sensible, and peaceful? Is it better to be "sort of loving," "sensible on occasion," and "moderately peaceful?" Would you rather hire an extremely competent, diligent and courteous employee, or one who is only "moderately" so?

Jesus said He wishes you were an extremist: either hot or cold, but not lukewarm, because that makes Jesus puke (Revelation 3:16).

Read more.

Read more. Read more.

If you don't cast your vote for a "radical" "anarchist" "extremist," you're casting a vote against "Liberty Under God," voting against a true public servant and in favor of oppression, domination, and exploitation;   you're voting  for stagnation and lukewarm indifference rather than passionate goodness and virtue.

Don't let words and labels confuse you into supporting the same old lukewarm politicians and unAmerican "archist" policies!

If America's Founding Fathers could travel through time from 1776 to 2014, they would immediately take steps to abolish the Constitution they signed and the government it creates and they would start working to make America a Christian Theocracy once again. "Theocracy" is the alarmist word used by those who don't want students in public schools to be taught that the Declaration of Independence is really true.

My name is Kevin Craig and I am running against the Republican and the Democrat candidates because I'm convinced America's Founding Fathers would not vote for them. If you love the idea of "Liberty Under God," you should vote for Kevin Craig, and send a powerful and clear message to the likely winner of the election, your fellow Missourians, and to Washington D.C.

Kevin Craig

There are only a handful of Congressmen in Washington who believe in Liberty Under God. The vast majority have consistently voted their belief that your life should be monitored and regulated by a huge Secular State. America's Founding Fathers would be utterly aghast at the size of our intrusive, paternalistic, and warlike government. Their shock would turn to anger if they were told that the federal government orders cities, states and communities to prohibit prayer and the Ten Commandments in public places. And if they were to listen to our politicians' campaign speeches, they would see instantly that the federal government claims to be America's Secular Messiah, bringing social salvation to the U.S. and the entire world.

"Idolatry" is the word the Founders would use.

Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Witherspoon, and other Founders risked "our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor" in defense of Liberty Under God. Many who signed the Declaration of Independence lost their homes, businesses, or family members. Can you risk 20 minutes to read this webpage and avoid throwing your vote away, like tossing a drop of water in a vast ocean of "I-always-vote-Republican" support for the likely successor to our current Congressman?

On the day after Election Day, political pundits and media commentators will analyze the election results and declare the "meaning" of your vote. They will say that voters like you voted to pay more taxes and approved of a bigger, more atheistic federal government. Why? Because that's what your current Congressman has voted for, and the likely winner will follow in his steps. When the previous Republican Congressman was first elected to Congress in 1996, the Republican Party National Platform promised the following:

As a first step in reforming government, we support elimination of the Departments of Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Education, and Energy, and the elimination, defunding or privatization of agencies which are obsolete, redundant, of limited value, or too regional in focus. Examples of agencies we seek to defund or to privatize are the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Legal Services Corporation.

The National Endowment for the Arts was notorious for its subsidizing of anti-Christian, pornographic “art,” including “art” which featured a figure of Jesus Christ submerged in a container of the "artist’s" urine. These programs mock the idea of "Liberty Under God," and undermine the very heart and soul of America.

And yet, our outgoing Congressman and his Republican Party colleagues have not only failed to abolish these unconstitutional agencies, they have consistently voted to INCREASE funding for these agencies. These unconstitutional agencies are now far more powerful than they were during the Clinton Administration.

What message are you sending with your vote? Capitalism or socialism? "Liberty Under God" or Tyranny under a Secular Messianic State?
Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
-- John Quincy Adams

Your vote for Kevin Craig will send a message to the Republicans to pay attention to the Constitution, and cast votes which are consistent with the principle of Liberty Under God. A vote for Kevin Craig speaks louder and more clearly than a vote for the incumbent's heir-apparent. You may not be able to vote for a "winner," but you can vote for a great principle. Which would America's Founding Fathers approve of?

Roy Blunt is not the problem. Billy Long is not the problem. The problem is government power, and the fact that both Republicans and Democrats worship government power. "Power tends to corrupt," as Lord Acton wisely put it. Both major parties are composed of good people with good intentions, but they have been seduced by the idea that the sword can be our savior, and that they are better able to wield the sword and govern us than we are able to govern ourselves.

Granted, Americans do seem less able to govern themselves than Americans a century ago, but that's because the majority of Americans have been educated by a government monopoly which is the worst imaginable enemy of the kind of education America's Founding Fathers advocated. Abolishing the government education monopoly and giving parents the right to choose for a competitive array of Christian schools with discipline and high academic content, or special needs schools, or whatever kind of schools parents know to be best for their children, is probably the single most important reason to use your vote to send a message to politicians in Washington. A Free Market in education will help Americans learn to govern themselves and return our nation to Liberty Under God.

If you want to vote for a "winner,"
Don't Vote for Kevin Craig
Vote for AMERICA

It's time for Missouri voters to recognize that the two-party system which has controlled America for the last 80 years has only one goal: to remain in power. Nearly everyone in Congress has violated his or her oath to "support the Constitution." The men who wrote and signed the Constitution would not recognize the government they created. This is the year you need to vote for America and not for the same old political party.

In his "Farewell Address," George Washington warned against excessive allegiance to any political party:

Let me now . . . warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party. . . . The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrict it. It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another . . . . In governments purely elective, it [the spirit of party] is a spirit not to be encouraged.

You must put America ahead of either political party.

And you must vote to make sure that America is Under God. Benjamin Rush signed the Declaration of Independence and served in the Presidential administrations of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison -- each of whom came from a different political party. And of what party was Rush?

I have been alternately called an aristocrat and a democrat. I am now neither. I am a Christocrat. I believe all power. . . will always fail of producing order and happiness in the hands of man. He alone Who created and redeemed man is qualified to govern him.

Our rights, says the Declaration of Independence, do not come from the Republicans or the Democrats. They do not come from Washington D.C. We are endowed by our Creator with our rights.

If you already like what you are reading, why not stop right now and email all your neighbors and tell them to come to this website to get the political science education they missed in government schools? Your message will be louder if everyone you know votes for Liberty Under God.

Who Will Abolish America?

When you go to the polls in November, you will be voting on WHO will abolish America. Not whether America is abolished, but WHO will abolish America. That sounds radical, even crazy. You must learn the facts. You must become an informed voter. Click here for details about the plan to abolish America. If America's Founding Fathers were here today, they too would vote to abolish the United States.

  • They took up arms against taxes which were only one-tenth as burdensome as today's taxes.
  • They exercised their right to "alter or abolish" a tyrannical government that would never have dreamed of giving government grants to pornographers, abortion-providers, land-owners who won't grow anything for others, drug-users, and tens of thousands of "pork-barrel" projects -- in exchange for votes and other bribes given out by special interests.

Washington D.C. is the greatest threat on earth to the ideal of "Liberty Under God." The United States as we know it today -- the United States as created by the two-party monopoly over the last 100 years -- will be and must be abolished. The Republicans and Democrats are going to abolish the U.S.A. and replace it with more of the same: a regional mega-state, merging the United States and Mexico, and eventually all of North and South America. It will be called a "Free Trade" zone, but it will be a new government, with new courts, new legislative powers, and new executives, none of which will be "bound down by the chains of the Constitution." Did you click this link yet?

Imagine a "new" America where:

  • You run a successful business without ever filling out a government form or wondering if you might be violating some senseless government regulation.
  • You gain a profound sense of satisfaction by supporting valuable charities and investing in life-enhancing technologies, ever since your take-home pay increased by more than $15,000 a year when the Income Tax was abolished.
  • The young college-aged clerk you hired can read complete sentences, do simple math, be trusted with company assets, and treat your customers with courtesy and respect.
  • Children are taught in school that God says not to steal, not to kill, and not to rape, and that God has created all of us with unalienable rights.

You'll never ever know such an America if you keep voting for the same old politicians. Neither will your children.

Kevin Craig is the only candidate for Congress who knows that America's greatness depends on a simple formula. It's an idea so old it sounds radically new:

"Liberty, Under God"

Thank you for your interest in my campaign!

My Stand on the Issues

The Character of a Congressman

Contribute to the Campaign      

Why I am Running for Congress

The message I am taking to the voters is simple:

"Liberty, Under God"

You may be thinking,

  • "Here we go again with more empty campaign slogans."
  • "Oh, brother; another politician pandering to people who like the Pledge of Allegiance."

I take the principle very seriously, more consistently, I believe, than the other candidates. I believe it sums up the Constitutional principles that made America "the greatest nation on God's green earth."

I'm committed to

"Liberty, Under God"

  • "Liberty" because God has given us unalienable rights, which must not be violated by the government.
  •  "Under God"  means:

Republicans worry that I am trying to get rid of too much government (Liberty: "He's an Anarchist!"), while the Democrats worry that I am trying to give government too much power (Under God: "He's imposing a Theocracy!").

The confusion comes from a failure to understand the basic nature of the system of government which once made America so respected and admired. 

"Liberty Under God"

They say "Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all." Let me give you a little bad publicity, in case you haven't heard it already.


I am running as the Libertarian Party Candidate. Think of it as "The Liberty Party." We believe in maximizing Individual Liberty.

Conservatives and Republicans tend to be frightened by the Libertarian Agenda, which calls on Congress to re-legalize drugs, for example. Conservatives believe that without lots of laws and a strong police-state, chaos, crime and lawlessness will overwhelm us. I believe such laws create more problems than they solve. You may even hear someone say:

"Kevin Craig is some kind of Anarchist!"
"Kevin Craig believes in Abolishing All Government!"

"Everybody knows" that "anarchists" are bomb-throwing assassins in search of chaos and destruction of private property. I passionately oppose such destruction and disorder. Before I could join the Libertarian Party, I had to pledge:

I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.

I believe in the peaceful resolution of disputes between people and between "the People" and their government. If I have a product or an idea I want to sell to the American people, I can use reason and eloquence, but not force.

In our day, however, more than 90% of our government is the unconstitutional initiation of force as a means of achieving the political or social goals of special interests who could not achieve their goals by persuading the rest of us to support them.

Kevin Craig is firmly committed as a matter of moral principle to oppose such initiation of government force.

More on the charge of "anarchism."

Here's more "bad publicity":


I am a Christian. My allegiance to God will always be greater than my allegiance to any State. I believe that religion and morality, not the strong-arm of the State, keeps our houses safe and our economy strong. Happily, every single person who signed the U.S. Constitution was a Christian who believed that America had a moral obligation to be a nation "under God." 

But some are not happy to hear me say that. You may even hear some say:

"Kevin Craig wants to impose a Theocracy on America!"

Liberals and Democrats tend to be frightened by talk about God and morality. They think anyone who believes that religion should have an impact on law and politics is trying to establish some kind of "theocracy." 

More "bad publicity":

"Kevin Craig does not believe in The Separation of Church and State!"

These accusations contradict the accusation above, that I am an "anarchist." I am not out to impose any religion on anyone using the coercive power of the State. As a Libertarian, I believe in maximizing individual liberty for everyone: Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, atheist and agnostic alike. I would abolish all federal funds to all churches and all religious organizations, as I would abolish federal funding of Secular Humanist organizations. I unqualifiedly oppose the use of force against people with religious views different from my own.

The word "Theocracy" means "ruled by God." A Theocracy is a nation "under God." America is a nation "under God," but not a nation under priests, churches, or "ecclesiastical bodies" (to use the words of James Madison).

I do not believe in the modern concept of "separation of church and state." This concept has been a disaster for America. I believe in the concept which the Founding Fathers believed in, which might be called "The Separation of Churches and State." The modern concept no longer has much to do with the ecclesiastical bodies known as "churches." Today the slogan "separation of church and state" actually means "The Separation of God and State." The Founding Fathers believed that the State was "under God," not separate from God. When the State is separated from God, the State IS god, or thinks it is.

America was established as a Christian nation, according to an 1892 opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court. Members of non-Christian religions -- Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and others, as well as atheists and agnostics -- have more freedom and enjoy higher standards of living in a Christian nation than they do in an Islamic nation or an atheistic nation. In and out of Washington, I work harder and more effectively for the freedom and prosperity of non-Christians than many of those same non-Christians do.

More on the charge of "theocracy."

Why Bother Reading this Web Page?

I have no illusions about being in Washington on Inauguration Day, 2015. Most voters in this district vote for the [R] candidate without any thought or research. Nevertheless,

Your vote for Kevin Craig will not be "wasted." It will stand out like a sore thumb. Your vote will send a clear message. This web site describes that message:

"Liberty Under God"

  • The advantage of having an "anarchist" working for you in Washington is that nobody is more passionate in defense of your liberty. Republicans claim victory when they merely slow down the rate of government growth and intervention. Libertarians won't be satisfied until socialism is repudiated and government reduced to the size intended by the Constitution.
  • The advantage of having a defender of "Theocracy" representing you in Washington is that nobody advocates the idea of personal responsibility with more passion. Democrats advocate Government programs of wealth transfer which are impersonal, bureaucratic, and imposed by force. Libertarians are champions of self-government.

America was once a Libertarian nation

In 1831, the French political writer Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States of America, a nation which, in the eyes of today's Democrats and Republicans, existed in a state of anarchy. The citizenry had deemed unnecessary such things as income taxation, welfare bureaucracies, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public schooling, drug wars, economic regulations, gun control, and immigration controls, but the poor were cared for, the elderly were respected, the illiterate were educated, the streets were safe, and the economy was flourishing. Tocqueville described the laissez-faire world of Liberty Under God:

The revolution of the United States was the result of a mature and dignified taste for freedom, and not of a vague or ill-defined craving for independence. It contracted no alliance with the turbulent passions of anarchy; but its course was marked, on the contrary, by an attachment to whatever was lawful and orderly.

It was never assumed in the United States that the citizen of a free country has a right to do whatever he pleases; on the contrary, social obligations were there imposed upon him more various than anywhere else. No idea was ever entertained of attacking the principles or of contesting the rights of society; but the exercise of its authority was divided, to the end that the office might be powerful and the officer insignificant, and that the community should be at once regulated and free. In no country in the world does the law hold so absolute a language as in America, and in no country is the right of applying it vested in so many hands. The administrative power in the United States presents nothing either central or hierarchical in its constitution, which accounts for its passing, unperceived. The power exists, but its representative is not to be perceived.

Only the Libertarian Party has a clear and consistent program to return government to the limited power the Founding Fathers intended it to have. Kevin Craig will encourage people of faith and conscience to take personal responsibility to solve pressing social problems without government force:

The Bible says "true religion" is this:

To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction
James 1:27

"Compassion" comes from two Latin words meaning "suffer with." True concern for the poor means more than "I gave at the office." It means personal involvement on a local level. Religion, not Washington D.C., has been the greatest ally of the poor.

Public "virtue" is what protects our rights to life, liberty and property, not the Office of Homeland Security. The heroes of Flight 93 realized that the government was not going to protect them, and they took personal responsibility to thwart the hijackers. Subsequent hijackings have been prevented by similar acts of self-government, not by the elimination of curbside check-in. The federal government owes the people of New York and the rest of the world a profound apology for giving Osama bin Laden billions of dollars in military assistance during the 1980's. Eliminating domestic liberties is no way to atone for their failed interventionist foreign policy. America's Founders followed clear principles of peaceful non-intervention:

The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible."
— Washington, Farewell Address (1796)

I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government, and consequently [one] which ought to shape its administration … peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.
— Jefferson, First Inaugural Address (1801) 

These simple policies led to America's greatness. They have been abandoned by both Republicans and Democrats. Only Libertarians are willing to follow these policies with principled consistency, even if, as a result, it may be a few years before our candidates win a seat in Congress.

I advocate the replacement of inefficient bureaucratic government programs with competitive, efficient Free Market approaches. My Stand on the Issues is often my vision for comprehensive privatization, one bureaucracy at a time. My favorite issues:

The Character of a Congressman reflects my continuing journey toward good character. It's a lifelong journey.

I have finished the course work for my Master's Degree in Law and Theology. My thesis is a defense of "Laissez-Faire Theocracy." If you're interested in lengthy footnoted academic discussions and ideas about the distant future, click here.

Thank you very much for reading!

Kevin Craig
P.O. Box 179
Powersite, MO 65731



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